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Be More Creative

with your content

Vydia has developed cutting-edge solutions that empower users to create more, earn more, and be more. Inside the Vydia Platform, you can publish and distribute videos to all of our connected networks. Simplifying the video management process allows you to get back to what you love doing most, creating more content!

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Be More in Control

across the digital ecosystem

Protecting your intellectual property is our priority. Vydia’s proprietary Social & Rights Sync technology was created to combat vulnerabilities and optimize the publishing process. This innovative solution allows you to instantly monetize and protect all current and future published videos, even when you "Go Live." Set your protection policies once and we'll make sure you never have to worry about stolen content ever again.

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Be More Informed

with performance analytics

Check real-time stats of every published video, across all networks, anytime you want. Your Vydia dashboard is available on desktop or on Vydia's mobile app. Keep track of the number of UGC claims accumulated and monitor revenue earned. Always be in the loop about where your content is being watched and how much money each video is earning.

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Be More Premium

with a custom VEVO channel

Vydia is the #1 source for creating and monetizing your VEVO channel. Any artist, from any country is eligible to apply for a custom channel. VEVO comes with several brand lifting benefits including the opportunity to be featured in promotions and the highest payouts on views. Join the tens of thousands of artists who signed up through Vydia.

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