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Video creators produce content of all kinds and Vydia has built a platform that can adapt. Everything from professional pre-produced footage to live streams, spontaneously captured in the moment, can be instantly protected, monetized and even republished across multiple channels with Vydia’s technology.

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Maximize your digital reach by linking all your social platforms. The more accounts you sync, the easier it is to automate publishing.

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Deploy your content to connected platforms immediately or schedule time and day to launch your video’s debut.

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Choose to Permit, Block or Monetize your videos for each individual social channel depending your video content strategy goals.

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Instantly monetize your recently published or live videos. Set policies once and apply to all future content.

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Track analytics for every published video, as well as UCG across all networks, on one centralized platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VEVO is the leading all-premium music video and entertainment service. VEVO is available in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, which includes, Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry PlayBook), Connected Television (Google TV, Boxee) and user embeddable video players.  Additionally, through a special partnership with YouTube, VEVO is accessible in over 200 countries, expanding the platform’s reach around the globe.  Through a distribution partnership, Vydia has made this premium service available to all of its clients for a yearly fee of $20.

VEVO is intended for music content only. If you have other content such as webisodes or vlogs that are high quality and music related, we can upload and publish it for you.

Yes, VEVO and YouTube are linked, so all of your video content will be searchable through YouTube.

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