With Halloween on the horizon nothing sets the mood like a killer music video.  What makes a good Halloween video you ask? Well a good beat and creepy content are a good start.  To help you get hyped for the holiday headed our way, we’ve featured three Vydia artists that have captured the fun and freaky feeling of Halloween. Watch below to view what makes their odd tactics work:

  1. Tommy Trash – “Body Movin

Tommy Trash’s “Body Movin” delivers a blood curdling, claymation video that tells a gory story of revenge between plastic dolls. Very few things are creepier than this so prepare yourself for goosebumps! The song’s upbeat rhythm and deep bass will also capture your attention. Tommy Trash designs his video so that the beat brings the dolls to life, almost as if the music fuels their evil motives. This perfect coupling of visual and audio content will put you in a trance of feet tapping and head bobbing all night long.

  1. Goldfish – “Heartshaped Box”

The band Goldfish reinvents a Kurt Cobain classic in its electric twist of “Heartshaped Box”. In Kurt Cobain‘s original video of “Heart Shaped Box”, his video depicts a multitude of spine-chilling scenes, including disturbing snippets of a crucifixion. This song comes from a dark, ominous origin that would spook any Halloween goer. Goldfish’s cover begins in an eerie tone, similar to that of Kurt’s version, but transitions into a faster melody of piano, saxophone, and electronic beats that’ll get your blood pumping. This video is gold(fish)!

  1. TJ Stafford – “Crazy”  

TJ Stafford’s “Crazy” is thrilling to watch. From the start of his video, TJ unnerves you with his devilish stare as he sits alone under flickering lights. And when you think the video can’t get any creepier, it does. TJ breaks out in his unique, chilling voice that complements the horrifying visuals he displays. The video design and song style for “Crazy” work in unison to make this video fun to listen to, scary to watch, and a perfect mood setter for the upcoming Halloween weekend.

These three eerie videos are a perfect example of content Vydia users are publishing and distributing for all to enjoy. If you’ve been planning on making a video but have just been waiting for the right moment to do so, keep in mind that this Halloween may be the perfect opportunity for you to get started. Take full advantage of the festivities this Holiday has to offer by shooting a video in a lively, spirited environment like the ones we just showed you. If it worked for these Vydia artists, it can work for you!

Do you feel that your song should have made the list? Comment below to let us know!