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How it Works

Invite Creators

Send an email to onboard your creators from your Vydia dashboard and set designated percentage for revenue splits.

Publish to select destinations

Deploy creator content to connected platforms immediately or schedule time and day.

Set Your Policy

Choose to Permit, Block or Monetize creator videos depending on your video content strategy goals.

Streamline Accounting

Earnings are automatically distributed to appropriate recipients. Easily track all sources of revenue and identify top earners.

Monitor earnings and performance

Analytics for all creators, their videos and UGC claims, across all platforms are available on one comprehensive dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re interested in an Agency Account, which allows you to manage multiple creators on one dashboard, please fill out an Agency Account request here.

The Vydia Platform makes it easy to manage an unlimited number of creator accounts with an Agency account. As an “Agency” you will be able to invite all of your creators, manage their content, track their performances, and their collect revenue from one centralized dashboard. Sign up for an Agency account here. 

No, the Vydia Platform enables creators to manage and upload an unlimited amount of video content. If you manage multiple creators there is no limit to how many you can link to your Agency account.