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The Dear Hunter has released the official music video under the Vydia platform for “Gloria”, one of their more upbeat songs from their long anticipated album Act V: Hymns with the Devil in Confession. Act V is the fifth installment of the six-album long story following the life and times of a character known as the Dear Hunter and his journey through self-discovery, family secrets, and The Great War during the turn of the 20th century. The story is complex and intricate, starting from an album released a decade ago, so let’s focus on the latest addition, “Gloria”.

As a band, The Dear Hunter is known for producing progressive rock sounds with a wide array of instrumentations, expanded motifs, and non-traditional song structure; “Gloria” is no exception. The song exemplifies the band’s brilliance as songwriters. The well-crafted composition builds up and explodes with the rising action of the narrative and draws back in moments of hanging suspense. The chorus is a treat, varying each time it is heard, yet held together by the melodic lyrics and enhanced by a stylish string selection. The Dear Hunter never forget their roots, adding an elaborate guitar solo for good measure, which feels right at home with the energetic nature of the song.

The Dear Hunter CharactersThe video is refreshingly detailed. It follows the main character through a haunting interaction with a smoke phantom that makes him relive traumatic experiences in his life. Committed fans will enjoy the cameo appearances of The Priest, Ms. Leading, The Father, and The Son fulfilling their roles during critical events in the story like World War I. Newcomers will appreciate the theatrical storytelling depicting an eerie, troubled world that gives the events in the video a sense of a greater meaning. The settings vary from a haunting house, a remote cabin, and a battlefield, each as vibrant as the last with replica guns, wilting flowers, mustard gas, symbolistic armband, and other props that pull viewers into the video. The special effects are spectacular and take this music video to the next level. For example, the smoke monster is completely digital, yet it interacts with the actors and environment seamlessly. Skylines and landscapes are tastefully and digitally enhanced to emphasize contrasts between locations. The cinematography is also superb with great lighting, focused shots, varying camera angles, and perfectly synced visual and audio that truly bring the experience together into an excellently crafted music video.


Check out the video for yourself on The Dear Hunter’s Vevo channel or catch them on AXS TV and MTV.com!