What are the Benefits of Vevo?

Posted on 05/22/2015 by vydiateam

As an independent artist, it is important to have a properly monetized music channel. A question we frequently get asked is “Why Vevo? My music videos are on YouTube, isn’t that good enough?”

Your number one goal as a musician is to make the most of your presence on the web and submitting your music video to Vydia, we work directly with Vevo to help create a professional artist Vevo page.

With over 51.5 million unique viewers, Vevo has become one of the most popular tools for promoting music videos, allowing fans to discover new artists daily through Vevo.com and through syndicated music videos on YouTube. Vydia has partnered with Vevo to offer our clients the best chance to get in the spotlight. Vevo has music videos, original series, behind-the-scenes footage, live performances and interviews with artists. Vevo provides this type of content to viewers by establishing partnerships with major record companies, independent artists and other premium content owners.

You could even be featured on Vevo’s homepage as an exclusive artist too. When a fan clicks on your picture, they will be led directly to your Vevo channel where they can watch your uploaded music videos. Our clients get Vevo front page features every week.

Check out Vydia artists on the Vevo Front Page

Stephen Wesley – “All Night Long” ft. Steve Harwell


Frankie Storm – “Shooter”


Fire in the Hamptons –  “Chosen Ones”

For your chance to get a Vevo front page feature simply send us noteworthy press or bullet points about yourself as an artist such as any tours, radio play, album sales, collabs with well known artists, etc. As well as your social media numbers like your Facebook likes and Twitter followers to help your case.

When it comes to promoting your music video, it is about more than just uploading your video and hoping your Facebook and Twitter friends watch. You want the best tools to garner the most views and Vydia is right here to help get your video submitted to Vevo. A Vevo account can help users get the most out of the content they want to enjoy, including sharing with Facebook friends, creating customized playlists and more. Submit your video today and allow Vydia to get you started with a Vevo channel. And who knows, you could be the next front page feature!

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