Breaking into the music industry can be a real ride on the struggle bus, if you know what I mean. Here are the 11 stages you pass through when trying to become the ‘Next Big Thing.’

1. You are young, determined, and ready to follow your dreams to become the next hottest musician.

giphy (73)

2. A couple years go by and you’ve landed a few gigs!

giphy (74)

3. You have a small fan-base, but a dedicated one, they are OBSESSED!

giphy (75)

4. You still cannot wait for your big break! You want to get discovered.

giphy (76)

5. A couple more years and you’re like, okay NOW is the time…

giphy (79)

6. Alright, when is this thing happening?…

giphy (77)

7. When you see a big time manager at your next show.

giphy (86)

8. He leaves early…

giphy (81)

9. Okay, this next show is definitely THE ONE…

giphy (83)

10. Nailed it! You sounded great & a manager thought so too!

giphy (82)

11. You’re IN!

giphy (85)