The Truth About Channel Verification

Posted on 10/22/2015 by Amanda Willis

Care about your content, not your channel verification.

Being an independent artist is without a doubt a lot of hard work. You are your own manager, producer, director, promotions team and more. Luckily Vydia is help you along the way in ways of monetization, distribution and digital rights.

A request we see often from artists is channel verification. Vydia is your destination for music video submissions and distribution, something that is completely out of our control is channel verification. Years ago users were able to apply for the verification and eventually it would happen. That is not the case any more.

Channel verification is not something that Vydia or Vevo has any control over and is done completely at random. The little check that sits next to your name is in the hands of automatic computer algorithms. However there are some requirements to be met before the verification can even be considered. Channels are automatically added to a verification queue in YouTube’s system when channels reach certain requirements.

These requirements include:

  1. More than 100,000 Subscribers on the YouTube or YouTube Vevo Channel
  2. No copy right issues – the channel must be in good standing with YouTube Terms of Service
  3. More than 1,000 subscribers on linked Google+ Page
  4. Channel is linked to a verified website
  5. Social Media Pages and Google+ Page are linked to the channel.

Once reached, there is no guarantee as to how long it may take for the channel to become verified in YouTube’s system.

Yet, the channel verification is not what makes a channel great – it is the content of the music video and song. Quality content will bring better exposure and views to the video and it is more important as an independent artist to focus on generating hit music videos.

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