Who is D?WN Richard? Well, who isn’t she! D?WN is an independent, multi-platinum singer, songwriter, visual artist and New Orleans native. D?WN’s initial introduction to the music industry was as one of the members of the girl group Danity Kane. After winning the show Making the Band season three back in 2004, they were signed to the show’s creator Sean “Diddy” Combs and his label Bad Boy Records. They formed the chart topping group Danity Kane and killed the music game until the group was disbanded in 2009. During this time D?WN continued working hard on her music career. Combs saw the potential in her and brought her on to his team to form Dirty Money of Diddy Dirty Money. While working with Dirty Money, D?WN continued to work on her own career and began releasing singles and various projects after Diddy Dirty Money separated in 2011.

D?WN began her solo career with the release of two EPs, Armor On and Whiteout, which were released in 2012. These were followed by “Goldenheart”, which was released January 15, 2013, earning her critical acclaim for its mix of R&B and medieval iconography. “Armor On” features her music video for “Bombs”, reaching over 1 million views on Youtube. This visual piece features D?WN in the role of a Tribe leader while displaying her dance background, as well as her love of mythical storytelling. “Bombs” is essentially a proclamation of her greatness and unwavering persistence to be number one in the music industry while telling her story. The entire “Goldenheart” is filled with an intense, inspiring, upbeat, sound that relays D?WN’s strong sense of self and the strength she possesses.

As the two year anniversary to her debut album, “Goldenheart”, D?WN released her sophomore album, “Blackheart”, on January 15, 2015 with record label Our Dawn Entertainment. This is her second album in a carefully planned “Heart” trilogy of albums. Though planned as a trilogy of albums, D?WN’s vision is that each album should stand on its own. “Blackheart” was originally planned to be released in October of 2014, but was placed on hold while working on the reunion of her career launching group Danity Kane, which quickly came to an abrupt collapse.

After experiencing many trials and tribulations through the year, D?WN took to her music to open up and express her feelings. Her music is where she tends to let her feelings out and let her fans in. “Blackheart” truly displays D?WN’s creativity by combining her love of storytelling with a sense of greek mythology, science fiction, and medieval times. In her self produced music video and visual performance of Tide: The Pardox Effect, D?WN takes on another role as a medieval rebel set out on her own to discover the mystical power that fuels her by the night sky and moon above. With this album the fans get to experience her success, her heartbreak, and everything in between.

D?WN releases her next music video for “Calypso”, the second track off of “Blackheart”. See it here!

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What fans love about D?WN is her eclectic blend of SOUL, R&B and EDM along with her fearlessness of experimenting with her sound, visuals and overall creativity. D?WN is not afraid to let her fans into her heart and welcomes everyone on the journey of her life in the Black Era and the D?WN experience. D?WN has been monetizing her music videos with Vydia since the release of “Blow” in 2014. If you would like to introduce the world to your own individual music experience, follow the footsteps of D?WN, sign up with Vydia and begin!