When you think of fashion influencers in the music industry, you think of icons like Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, and MC Hammer. These artists are known for sharing their ideas through singing or rapping but they also express themselves through what they wear. Michael Jackson, for example, sported bell bottoms and printed tops to match his crew in the Jackson 5. But as he transitioned into a solo artist he developed his own style that expressed his personality. He essentially created a style that propelled past the confines of gender. He wore more glitter, wore leather fashion-forward jackets, and of course topped every outfit with his sparkled white glove. Michael Jackson created many iconic looks in his music videos, from the red jacket in ‘Thriller’ or the cream suit he wore for ‘Smooth Criminal’ influencing and inspiring generational artists around the world. Michael Jackson is just one example of artists who used fashion to channel individuality, express opinion, mood and inspire others.

Artists like MJ can influence fashion trends that penetrate our everyday lives. We live vicariously through what artists wear. One of the biggest fashion trends that took off and invaded our lives were the Kanye West Shutter Shades. Shutter Shades were the fanny pack of the 2000’s. Debuting in the music video and album art for Stronger, Kanye’s custom Alain Mikli Shutter Shades set a new staple in the sunglasses industry. After that, you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing them.


Fashion and music are expressive avenues that showcase our personal statements. The perfect outfit can visually express an artist’s mood, tone, and emotion. Clothes can help us materialize how we feel within, expressing our deepest thoughts without saying a word. For example Lady Gaga wore a meat dress showcasing that she wasn’t a piece of meat. You too can showcase your opinion by the way you dress, just like Lady Gaga.

Several celebrities have used their celebrity spotlight as a way to express their opinion on what they stand for. Celebrities used national exposure, as Beyoncé did during her Super Bowl Halftime Performance, to express her opinion through fashion. Clothed in a black leotard with a gold embellished jacket, Beyoncé was surrounded by dancers who sported afros and black berets, in reference to the Black Panthers. The Black Panthers were started to combat police violence and provide safety net for the poor, and black. At one point during the performance the backup dancers and Beyoncé gave a salute, and they later formed an X formation for Malcolm X.

Genre also influences your wardrobe. There’s a theme you’re trying to portray like the skater boy look or the rapper style. What you wear in your videos has an impact on the way your fans dress. Musicians dress the way they want their fans to identify them. As fans we’re influenced by our favorite artist because it makes us feel like you are a part of a community. Do you remember the first time you saw an artist you admire? Have you ever bought a shirt or a hat that an artist wore to be like them? What you wear today can say a lot about the type of music you listen.

People judge you on the way you look, so it’s important that when you are creating video content that you make a great first impression. Can you imagine if your first impression of an artist was him/her performing in sweatpants? Would you be a fan of the artist? The first time an audience sees your videos will be what they judge you by. What do you want your clothes to say about you?

If you need a little inspiration, we’ve compiled a couple of Vydia video artist that have been successful in showcasing their unique sense of fashion in these videos.

EWUBE – Pop It

This videos is a great representation of utilizing energetic colors. The vibrant colors brightens your mood and make you want to get up and dance. Her clothes are a throwback to the 90’s hip hop: neon/bright colors with the Adidas sneakers, the snapback hat. There’s a theme with the color blue, which can be seen in her clothing from the blue lipstick to her pants, it immediately grabs your attention. She plays with color to make herself stand out. Her background dancers are wearing bright red colors and she is the only person in the group that is wearing the color blue. She incorporates her style into her music.

Pijama Party – Comerte a besos ft. Cande Buasso

In this video you can see how the artist’s music and sense of fashion intersect. They show a cool party vibe where you are relaxed and having fun. All of their clothes in the video are radiant and compliment the upbeat music. They all are wearing festival wristbands, big sunglasses, sun dresses, and animal masks. Their clothes are loose fitting and perfect for a night of dancing.

Alexandria Corn – Say It Again

Her video is a classic country video, she is dressed like a country star, and proud of it. For the tried and true cowgirl, nothing says country quite like blue denim, cowboy boots, and a flannel shirt and her video has it all. The video has a cool country vibe where you are a relaxed enjoying yourself.

Fashion can add personality to your video so here are some few pointers to get you started:

  • Wear clothes that helps your fans see your vision.
  • Make sure the video and the fashion compliment the song. If you are talking about a sad music you can’t wear something bright and fun(unless you’re trying to be contradictory on purpose).
  • Know your audience and make it your own.
  • Dress in what inspires you and don’t let someone else’s fashion advice dictate how you dress. Be your own person.
  • Don’t be afraid to test your creativity and throw together an outfit. Always keep your character in mind when making clothing and accessory decisions. Have fun with your style!