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Vydia is a fast-growing, Inc. 500 technology company that has built an all-in-one platform for global distribution and content management. Our solutions empower music creators, managers, and independent labels to easily distribute and manage video and audio content through one centralized CMS. The company is a leader in the space as evidenced by strategic partnerships and integrations with VEVO, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and more. The vision of the company is to provide an end to end solution through rights management, automated payments, data tracking, and content protection that supports both creators and the next generation of music distribution.

We strive to provide our creators with the highest quality of service possible, so access to Vydia’s robust suite services is by invitation only. The fastest way to receive an invitation to Vydia is by a referral from our existing clients. Alternatively, you may request an invite by filling out this form.

Please limit to one application, as multiple submissions will not be considered. We will only reach out if accepted.

One of the benefits of selecting a Vydia Plan is having the option to monetize your content. In order to start monetizing, users must create a release on their dashboard and select Vydia Content Protection. By turning monetization on, users can earn revenue from views and advertisements that are displayed alongside their content. Currently, monetization is available through YouTube and Vevo.

Vydia Content Protection technology allows users to be more in control of their content across multiple platforms. Choose policies (based on platform availability) to Monetize, Block, or Permit your content to be uploaded by 3rd parties on social platforms like YouTube and Facebook.  Any content that you exclusively own the rights to is eligible for Vydia Content Protection. This includes the visual, sound recording, and/or composition rights.

Yes, though you will grant Vydia a license to monetize/protect your content, you will retain 100% ownership of your copyrights.

Vydia offers users complete transparency on their earnings and video performance through the analytics on their dashboard. These analytics include important data like Total Earnings and User-Generated Content (UGC) claims and can be accessed on  Vydia’s desktop or mobile application.

On Vydia Mobile, performance analytics can be viewed right on the home screen when entering the app.
On Desktop, you can access your Analytics in the top menu on your Dashboard.

Multi-platinum artists, social influencers, independent musicians and entertainment outlets, use the Vydia Platform worldwide. Some of the major artists we have worked with include Lil Xan, Lil Pump, Jon Z, Miky Woodz, Daniel Caesar, Mr Eazi, Serayah, and more.

Our Vydia Support team is always happy to answer any questions you may have. You can contact them by submitting a support ticket here.

Once users grant authorization to connect their social networks, Vydia will collect data on their behalf in order to provide each user the ability to streamline multi-network publishing and access a centralized analytics dashboard. This analytics dashboard will display and analyze key metrics including content performance, video engagement, revenue generated, and any user-generated content (UGC) claims. Vydia will be able to use this information to provide creators with actionable insights about how to improve their content’s performance. Users can access their analytics on the web application here.

Creators may also request changes by contacting us at support@vydia.com. They can request to update, correct or delete their information as needed.

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is a unique, 12 character code that identifies specific sound recordings and/or music videos.

For more information on ISRCs, please click here.

As a Vydia user, if you do not have ISRCs for your content, we will create them for you at no additional cost.

For users that already have a custom Vevo channel, Vydia offers rush delivery for a $99 fee. Orders will be processed within 48 hours.

Please note that any rush deliveries purchased on the weekend will not be processed until the start of the next business week.

Territories where Vydia Mobile is available are listed by the Apple Store  and the Google Store.

YouTube Ownership Conflicts occur when another YouTube partner attempts to claim ownership over an exclusive copyright Vydia is already administering for you. Ownership Conflicts can negatively affect content revenue, so it is important to resolve these conflicts as soon as possible.

To review and resolve any current conflicts, please click here.

If additional storage is needed, you can update your Vydia Plan at any time. Here’s how:
Log into your Vydia account.

  • Hover over your creator name located on the top menu bar and select ‘Storage’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the ‘Plans’ tab.
  • Select the Vydia Plan that best fits your storage needs.

Once you complete payment, you are all set to start uploading new content!

Vydia Plans are our cloud-based storage solution to keep your video and audio files secure in one centralized location. Each plan comes equipped with a robust suite of our premium services designed to help you meet your goals as a creator. These services include:

  • Audio Video Supply Chain
  • Global Distribution
  • Advanced Rights Management
  • Royalty Payments
  • Social & Rights Sync Technology
  • Date & Analytics
  • And More!

Once we receive earnings statements from our partner platforms, we will ingest them into our system. Partner platforms have various schedules for statements and payouts. Typically, it can take anywhere from 1 to 4 months (depending on the revenue source) before earned revenue is made available to you.

The earnings you accrue can either be used as a credit towards any services on our site or paid out to you directly once you register with our payment system, Tipalti. Once you accumulate a minimum balance of $35, payment will automatically be sent to you on a monthly basis.

For questions on Tipalti, please visit for Tipalti FAQ page here. Please note, all payments are subject to Vydia’s approval process. Vydia reserves the right to withhold earnings that do not comply with Domestic/International banking regulations as well as Vydia’s Terms and Conditions.

Vydia makes it easy to manage an unlimited number of creators with an Agency account. As an Agency, you will be able to onboard your creators, manage their content, track their performance and collect revenue all from one centralized dashboard. Sign up for an Agency account here.


If you’re interested in an Agency Account, which allows you to manage multiple creators on one dashboard, please fill out an Agency Account request here.

You can invite new creator directly from your Vydia dashboard inside your Agency account. Click your email at the top of the page, select Users and then click the Invite New Creator button at the top right of the page. Fill out the creator’s information, and click Send Invitation. The creator will receive an invite via email to verify their account to begin uploading their content.

If you manage multiple creators there is no limit to how many you can link to your Agency account. With Vydia Plans, creators have a variety of storage options that fit their upload and storage needs.

Applying for a Vevo channel is one of our premium services that are available with the Vydia Plan. If you already have a Vydia Plan, you can create a release and select the option to publish on Vevo. Your video will be reviewed to meet Vevo requirements, which include certain metrics such as social media following, video performance, the authenticity of engagement, and quality of content. To learn more about this process, check out our blog!

No, Vydia has a distribution partnership with Vevo and our service allows any artist to submit an application to be reviewed for acceptance to get their own Vevo channel.

Vydia works directly with the Vevo team to make any and all changes to your account. No login to the Vevo platform is available. In order to request an edit, please submit a support ticket here.

No, Vevo charges per artist page, not per video upload. In order to simplify this process, Vydia created an Agency account option for our users who manage several artists on one centralized dashboard. To get started, click here to fill out our Agency application.

If approved, your Vevo account name is based on your artist name. You can find out if the artist name is already being used by searching for it on Vevo. If there is a problem with the artist name you submit, we will contact you for another option.

After you set up your initial Vevo account, you can log on to the Vydia Platform and create a release to upload new videos to be added to your Vevo channel at no extra cost. For additional help, check out our step-by-step guide about publishing content to Vevo.

Yes, users are able to create a release and submit new videos to be published on their pre-existing Vevo channel.

Vevo is intended for music content only. However, if you have other video content such as webisodes, vlogs, or live streams you can upload them onto the Vydia Platform to be published, protected, and monetized across different social media channels.

Vevo does not allow any beginning or end text/graphic slates before and after the music video, as well as no lower third corner text (also known as chyrons). If there are graphics and text used in a creative way as part of the video, then they will allow it.

Front page promotion is an editorial decision made by Vevo and is selected on a case-to-case basis. Vevo has weekly meetings to determine which videos they would like to use for promotion. After your Vevo channel is created, if you’re interested in this type of promotion, please fill out a Support Ticket here to be considered.