The new year is here and that means everyone is heading back to the gym to shed those extra holiday pounds and jumpstart their New Year’s resolution. While gyms across the nation are filling up with new and old members, now is the perfect time to get your content in front of their eyes. The idea of working out is never fun, but your music video playing throughout the gym, can help motivate others to keep working towards their summer bods. If you need some inspiration for gym-worthy content for your next video, take a look at how these 3 Vydia artists help motivate their audiences to move with their music videos.

Mr.Juve – UN AH

Mr.Juve provides a lot more than an uptempo beat with his video for “UN AH”. The bumping electronic rhythm is complemented with the imagery of an athletic looking woman hitting the leg machine that gives gym goers the support of a gym partner grinding through their exercises with them.

ATL Crew ft. Gambino– Dancefloor

With it’s dancehall influence and drum line style snare, “Dancefloor” will make gym-goers want to jump on the dance floor and start burning off calories. The video is vibrant as it flashes to different scenes of the ATL Crew breaking it down with moves that can be incorporated into a cardio workout.

Mordi Mod- Represent

Mordi Mod creates a video that encourages viewers to hit the gym as hard as he does in his video “Represent”. The song’s cadence of drumming exhilarates listeners to pick up the intensity of their workout. Mordi uses the world as his gym and exercises on the street and other public areas throughout the video, showcasing that there is no excuse for not working out.

Getting into the gym can have an entirely different meaning for you in 2017. Distribute with Vydia to help submit your video content to be selected to showcase in front of all the people that will be heading to their workouts in the new year. While everyone else is signing up for the gym, sign up with Vydia today to help accomplish your New Year’s resolution of gaining more exposure of your videos. (We promise there are no dumbbells or treadmills required).