When it comes to distributing your content, metadata is everything. You want to make sure your content is delivered to DSPs correctly, quickly, and lands on the right profile. Now, we’re making this even more seamless with Premium Artist Account Linking. Optimize audio delivery when you attach your artist IDs for Spotify, Apple Music, and Audiomack to your Creator Profile. Providing this information ensures accurate delivery of metadata and profile mapping for your release.




In your Vydia Dashboard, navigate to Content → Upload → Audio and select the associated Creator. Then click Find Spotify Artist or Find Apple Music Artist and search for the Creator Profile by name. Select your Creator, save the information, and now that Creator will have a check mark next to the selected DSP within their Dashboard. This feature helps users attach their correct artist IDs so future releases to Spotify and Apple Music are delivered to the appropriate artist profiles.



In your Vydia Dashboard, click Creators and select the Creator you would like to connect an Audiomack ID for. Click the Connected Accounts tab and Connect to Audiomack under the ‘Premium Artist Profiles’ section, which will route you to Audiomack’s sign in screen. Either log in or, if you do not have an Audiomack account, you can sign up for one. You will be asked to authorize Vydia as a partner and when you do, Audiomack will populate under Premium Artist Accounts, storing your artist ID on the Vydia platform. This will ensure delivery of your release to the correct artist profile on Audiomack. 




Accurate metadata guarantees your music gets onto partner platforms as quickly as possible and lands on the correct profile. Attach your Spotify, Apple, and Audiomack artist IDs on Vydia’s platform to streamline delivery and maximize your label’s success.


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