How to Get on Vevo

Posted on 05/07/2015 by vydiateam

We just created a quick walkthrough video on how to get on VEVO.  Check out this step-by-step tutorial explaining exactly how to start creating your very own Vevo page.  Vydia is an official distribution partner of Vevo and our service allows any artist, signed or unsigned, to setup an account. Join the over 22,000 artists from all over the world who have chosen Vydia to monetize and distribute their content.

When you choose to monetize through Vydia, we will help to create you a Vevo channel and upload your video to Muzu, DailyMotion, Content ID, all for $20 per year per artist, which includes unlimited music video uploads per year. Best of all, when we add new monetization networks, like YouTube Music Key, you can include them at no extra cost.

Artist Vevo channels take two to three weeks to create, once you upload the video to, our content team will review the video and get back to you within 24-72 hours with a confirmation or edits the file may require. Once the channel and first video are live, additional videos are much quicker – usually within one week, sometimes just a few days.

There is no username or login available to anyone, we don’t even have one. Think about it more like iTunes and distribution rather than YouTube in the way that no one has an iTunes login to upload content. Vevo (and the feed to the YouTube@Vevo account) is manually created and updated by their staff. Any changes you may have either photo, video description, etc, can be sent through a support ticket on, and we will have Vevo process it for you.

Looking for a Vevo promo? Vevo has weekly meetings where they consider videos for front page features on Vevo TV and  YouTubeVEVO. Your content team at Vydia can get your video into one of Vevo’s weekly meetings for consideration for a promotional spot. Though it’s not guaranteed, we have seen a lot of success with it. Send us some noteworthy press and bullet points such as tours, radio play, album sales, even your social media numbers!

Now that you have all the information,

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