Calling all Label Admins! Vydia just released a new label-level reporting feature that allows you to download and view all creators’ earnings in one place, guaranteed to make it easier to analyze and share data.  



Log into your Vydia Dashboard and navigate to Royalties → Statements. From here, you will see your Current Balance and Statement History on the label level. In order to evaluate label vs. user revenue, click on Visit Full Label Reporting. This will direct you to a screen where you can narrow down the data you would like to view by selecting a start and end date. Then you will type in the email addresses of the stakeholders you would like to share the report with. After you input all of the required information, click Create & Send Report




The designated recipients will receive an email containing a zip file with two spreadsheets – a Statement Report Summary and a Balance History Details Report. The Statement Report Summary displays total revenue for the selected time period as well as label earnings by network (Spotify, Apple, etc.), by artist and by type (any transfers, redactions, &/or withdrawals made). While the Statement Report Summary provides an overview, the Balance History Details Report shows all-inclusive data for each of your creators’ earnings. Each line-item provides detailed information such as media type (video/audio), ISRC number, network, and territory in which revenue was generated. The report also shows the conversion from total revenue in the native country to total revenue in US Dollars. Both reports viewed together will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your label earnings. 



The Full Label Report can help you and key stakeholders evaluate label growth over a set period of time. Through consistent analysis, you can see how your label strategy affects revenue in order to make well-informed business decisions.


Check out your Label Earnings!

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