How to Distribute to Christian Networks

Posted on 07/02/2015 by vydiateam

Did you know we distribute to Christian networks too? Vydia offers a range of distribution services, from providing closed captioning, to rush delivery, and automated QC check. Network distribution covers one of the most important steps in the music video promotion process. The multi-step network submission process includes completing the online form with artist, song and payment info, uploading your video, distributing the video to your selected outlets then receiving feedback and programming from the outlets that you have submitted to. Artists whose goal is to get on Aspire TV, Up TV, GOD TV and other major Christian television networks need to start by submitting their video.

For one submission fee of $200, we will submit your video to our Uplifting Entertainment package which includes all of the following networks. Vydia gets your music video in the right place, submit today for consideration will get your video to national and regional christian networks.

    • ASPiRE is the first television network dedicated to shining a light on the positive images and achievements of African-Americans.
  • UP TV
    • American satellite and cable television network founded originally to have a focus on gospel music and has expanded into family-friendly original movies, series and specials.
  • GOD TV
    • God TV, is a Christian and uplifting programming, spanning from music videos to bible studies. The GOD Channel is available in North America on DIRECTV channel 365, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They also are available On Demand and the Internet.
  • TVU
    • TVU Music TV, programming targets the 12-24 age group with a message of hope and encouragement through an eclectic mix of popular music. The music and programming promote anti-drug and anti-violence messages, while upholding positive lifestyle messages to its student-age audience. TVU is broadcasted nationwide through the SkyAngel Network and also can be streamed online.
  • WLCN
    • WLCN is a not-for-profit television station licensed to Charlestown, South Carolina. It is owned by Clearwater, Florida-based Christian Television Network. WLCN-CD offers 24-hour religious programming, much of which is produced either locally or at the CTN hometown in Clearwater.
  • NRB Network
    • NRB Network, is on a determined mission to broadcast innovative, relevant programming that entertains, educates and embraces biblical truth. They program music videos, documentaries, talk shows, and more with Christian values. They air on DirecTV’s channel 378, SkyAngel channel 126 and live online 24/7 at
  • JCTV
    • JCTV, is a Christian music youth network designed for the 13-30 age group. Programming is music driven with solid blocks of straight music videos, top 10 music video count down shows, music video shows that feature interviews with many of today’s top artists – and special concert performances from some of today’s top concerts and festivals. JCTV can be found in over 800 cities through cable or television broadcast, as well as satellite anywhere in North America.
  • Relevant Media Group
    • Relevant Music, is the leading online magazine covering God, progressive culture and intentional living. With their section of the magazine they post the best of faith based, christian, music videos.

Check out one of our #VydiaArtist recent Christian network acceptances, Nazb who premiered on ASPiRE TV Sunday May 24 with video for ‘Thank You God’.

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