All Vydia artists now have access to Spotify’s Canvas feature! When listeners see a Canvas, they are more likely to keep streaming (+5%), share the track (+145%), add to their playlists (+20%), save the track (+1.4%), and visit your profile page (+9%). Engage fans by creating unique visualizers for all of your previous and upcoming releases!



Spotify Canvas is a 3-8 second looping visual that appears in the “Now Playing” screen when a user listens to a track on Spotify. Artists will often use a clip from their official music video, an animated version of their artwork, or behind the scenes footage. Releasing a larger project like an album or EP? Create different Canvas visuals for each of the tracks while maintaining a theme or aesthetic that fits the body of work. 

*Best practice is to exclude any copy (as your artist name and track title will still appear as before) and include visuals that tell a story.



Through the Vydia platform, you can connect your Spotify For Artist account through our Instant Access to Spotify For Artists feature. Once you’re connected, navigate to your Spotify For Artists profile and click Music at the top. Choose the song you would like to add your Canvas to and click Add Canvas. Before uploading your Canvas, ensure you have the correct specifications on your visual:


Ratio: 9:16

Height: At least 720px

Length: 3 – 8 seconds

File Format: MP4 or JPG only


Once you attach the visual and click Post, you’re all set! Fans will start seeing your new Spotify Canvas immediately. 


Spotify Canvas provides you with the perfect opportunity to enhance the listening experience for your fans and increase the likelihood that they will engage with your music. See for yourself- Upload a Canvas and analyze Spotify Follower and Listener growth with Creator Analytics. Remember, you only have 8 seconds to tell a story through Canvas- make it count!


Get started with Spotify Canvas!

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