YouTube’s latest development will put an end to cable TV. From a basic video uploading site in 2005, to an online video hub currently seeing over 1.5 billion hours of watch time every day, YouTube is transitioning to the big screen. YouTube will launch a dedicated app for smart TV’s and set-top boxes thus emancipating it from smartphones and casting devices for the first time. So what does this mean?

Previously, YouTube TV subscribers were only able to use the service in conjunction with smartphones and different casting devices (i.e., Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick). Now, users will be able to access videos from their Smart TVs, Apple TVs, and set top boxes without having to use such devices.

Not only will this app allow a more simplistic streaming service, it will also come equipped with new features to personalize user experiences. A personalized “home” tab will combine live TV recommendations with DVR recordings into a single feed tailored to viewer interests. Users will also be able to browse live TV without the struggles of having to pause or change what they’re currently watching.

Having access from the big screen in your living room to all YouTube content and live TV for a reasonable price of $35/mo will be cable’s downfall.




This recent installment continues the trend of how YouTube has successfully evolved over the years. It has gone from 100 million hours streamed per day to 1.5 billion hours per day. YouTube is continuously expanding into new markets and has recently begun investing into original content. They plan to roll out multiple original series with stars including Ellen DeGeneres, Kevin Hart, Rhett & Link, and more that will be available on the platform. YouTube has become a major, if not the main, revenue driver for Google according to Google Executives. From basic video streaming service to video meca with extensions such as YouTube TV, YouTube Red, live streaming, 360 video, a platform upgrade, etc…YouTube has created a platform that viewers and creators will continue to know and love.

Uncuffed from smartphones and casting devices, YouTube TV will have the ability to attract more viewers to your content than ever before. Its personalized “home” tab will give you the opportunity to have your content be placed alongside some of your favorite live television shows. Users will be able to seamlessly swap between your video and live TV without missing out on any action. They will enjoy the luxury of accessing your video content straight from their big screen TV without having to purchase additional equipment.

YouTube’s latest development will make it easier for video creators to become viral sensations. Your content can now be easily accessed on three separate devices giving you the opportunity to triple your audience and views. To make sure your content is ready for the big screen check out our 6 tips to improve your video quality and don’t forget to stay-up-to-date with our weekly blogs to discover helpful advice and industry news.