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Vydia is a premium video technology company that empowers creators to publish, protect, monetize and distribute their visual content on one centralized platform. Catering to an array of over 150,000 users worldwide including multi-platinum artists, social influencers, independent musicians and entertainment outlets, Vydia helps creators not only manage their video content better but smarter. Vydia is a trusted partner of major digital publishers like Vevo, YouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion as well as networks like BET, MTV, and Music Choice.

Vevo is the leading all-premium music video and entertainment service. It is available in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, which includes, Mobile Apps (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry PlayBook), Connected Television (Google TV, Boxee) and user embeddable video players.  Additionally, through a special partnership with YouTube, Vevo is accessible in over 200 countries, expanding the platform’s reach around the globe.  As a premium partner, Vydia is able to create and manage custom Vevo channels for its users.

Creators can sign up for free. To upgrade a Pro User, the cost per creator is $20 per year and enables access to our premium features including:
– Ability to create a custom Vevo YouTube channel
– Unlimited uploads and ISRCs
– Content ID monetization
– One-click uploads and scheduling to your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts
– DailyMotion monetization
– Facebook monetization coming soon!

Currently, over 150,000 video creators, including multi-platinum artists, social influencers, independent musicians and entertainment outlets, use the Vydia Platform worldwide. Some of the major artists we have worked with include Keith Urban, Jimmy Buffett, Joss Stone, Def Leppard,  Andy Grammer, Fetty Wap, Amine, Cypress Hill, AJR, and more!

Signing up for the Vydia Platform is easy and free! Click here to create an account to get started. To gain access to our premium features, you can subscribe as a Pro user for $20 per year.

Signing up for Vydia is free, get started here.

Users can choose to upgrade their account at any time. When signed into your Vydia account, you will see your email on the right top right menu. Click on your email address and select “Creators” from the drop down menu. The dashboard will then walk you through the process of creating a release. On the confirmation page, you will see the $20 fee to upgrade your account. Your account will automatically renew annually.

Pro- tier tools include:
– Ability to create a custom Vevo YouTube channel
– Unlimited uploads and ISRCs
– Access to the artwork Audio to Video (A2V) creator tool
– Content ID monetization
– One-click uploads and scheduling to your YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts
– DailyMotion monetization
– Facebook monetization coming soon!

Yes, you will retain 100% ownership of your content.

As a part of our Pro user membership, users have the option to monetize their video content. In order to start monetizing, users must create a release on their dashboard and select Vydia Content Protection. By turning on monetization, users will earn revenue from views and advertisements that are shown before their video. Currently, monetization is available on YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vevo. Facebook coming soon!

Once we have received your video statements from YouTube and Vevo, we will load them into our system for your access. Monthly YouTube statements are based on the activity from the previous month and will be received approximately within 3-5 weeks. Vevo statements are also received monthly, based on your channel’s activity from approximately 4 months prior.

The earning you accrue can either be used as a credit towards any other service on our site or paid out to you directly once you register with our payout system. If you select to be paid out directly, once you have a minimum balance of $35, your balance will be automatically sent via the payment method you have selected in your payment details.

It is illegal to accept money for guaranteeing airtime, however, we will guarantee that your video is properly submitted and reviewed. We will communicate with the network(s) and let you know the decision as soon as we are notified.

Your release details will be updated on your dashboard soon as feedback/decisions are received from the networks. This process normally takes about 10-14 days, however, some networks do take longer than others to send feedback. You will receive a message through your Vydia dashboard once a decision has been made on if your video was accepted by the network(s).

Vydia offers users complete transparency on their earnings and video performance through the analytics on their dashboard. These analytics include important data like total earnings and User-Generated Content (UGC) claims and can be accessed on  Vydia’s desktop or mobile application.

The Vydia Platform makes it easy to manage an unlimited number of creator accounts with an Agency account. As an “Agency” you will be able to invite all of your creators, manage their content, track their performances, and their collect revenue from one centralized dashboard. Sign up for an Agency account here. 

If you’re interested in an Agency Account, which allows you to manage multiple creators on one dashboard, please fill out an Agency Account request here.

You can invite new creator directly from your Vydia dashboard inside your Agency account. Click your email at the top of the page, select “Users” and then click the “Invite New Creator” button at the top right of the page. Fill out the creator’s information, and click “Send Invitation.” The creator will receive an invite via email to verify their account to begin uploading their content.

No, the Vydia Platform enables creators to manage and upload an unlimited amount of video content. If you manage multiple creators there is no limit to how many you can link to your Agency account.

Applying for a Vevo channel is a service that is only available to our Pro users. If you are already subscribed as a Pro users, you can create a release and select the option to publish on Vevo. Your video will be reviewed to meet Vevo requirements, which include certain metrics such as social media following, video performance, the authenticity of engagement, and quality of content. If your video is accepted, you will have the option to have a custom Vevo channel created for a $40 fee or you can choose to be added to the shared Vydia Vevo channel at no charge.

No, Vydia has a distribution partnership with Vevo and our service allows any artist to submit an application to get their own Vevo channel.

Vydia works directly with the Vevo team to make any and all changes to your account. No login to the Vevo platform is available. In order to request an edit, please submit a support ticket here.

No, Vevo charges per artist page, not per video upload. In order to simplify this process, Vydia created an Agency account option for our users who manage several artists on one centralized dashboard. To get started, click here to fill out our Agency application.

If approved, your Vevo account name is based on your artist name. You can find out if the artist name is already being used by searching for it on Vevo. If there is a problem with the artist name you submit, we will contact you for another option.

After you set up your initial Vevo account, you can log on to the Vydia Platform and create a release to upload new videos to be added to your Vevo channel at no extra cost.

Yes, our Pro user subscription enables users to create a release and submit new videos to be published on their pre-existing Vevo channel.

Vevo is intended for music content only. However, if you have other video content such as webisodes, vlogs, or live streams you can upload them onto the Vydia Platform to be published, protected, and monetized across different social media channels.

Vevo does not allow any beginning or end text/graphic slates before and after the music video, as well as no lower third corner text (also known as chyrons). If there are graphics and text used in a creative way as part of the video, then they will allow it.

Front page promotion is an editorial decision made by Vevo and is selected on a case-to-case basis. Vevo has weekly meetings to determine which videos they would like to use for promotion. After your Vevo channel is created, if you’re interested in this type of promotion, please fill out a Support Ticket here to be considered.

Yes, Vevo and YouTube are linked, so all of your video content on Vevo will be searchable on YouTube.

No, YouTube and Vevo are separate platforms. Views will remain on the platform where they are accumulated and cannot be transferred.

The Vevo Player lets you embed single videos. Just click Share at the top of the Player. Under Embed, click Copy code. With the exception of full-screen playback, all the Player functionality of is available so you can easily share your favorite videos with your fans via Facebook, Twitter and more.

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