We’ve expanded our Analytics Dashboard to include detailed Audio Analytics for Spotify and Apple Music! Gather additional streaming data and insights to better understand listenership and audio consumption!

Vydia Audio Aanlytics

Enhanced Audio Analytics

View streaming data for all audio content in one place! Sort by Top Performing Content, Top Users, Top Creators, Top Countries, and detailed demographics like Devices and Age Breakdowns.


Refine Your Search

Use advanced filters to narrow down results by Users, Creators, and/or Content.

Try it out! Select a Creator, followed by an album, EP, or single by that Creator, to further refine the results!

Customize Date Ranges

Customize Your Date Range

Select a custom date range on the Analytics Dashboard to view specific data on how fans engaged during a set period of time.

Click the calendar button, choose the time range from the dropdown, and the analytics will refresh to display the new date range selected!

How to Get Started

Head to the Insights tab on your Vydia Dashboard and explore now!

Take Me To My Dashboard

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact Vydia Support.