Now, more than ever, videos have become a powerful and popular medium for musicians to gain the exposure they are seeking. Not only do videos allow musicians to express their message visually but watching videos has also become one of the top ways that people spend their time online. Through the growth of video consumption, video sharing is also at an all time high. Many successful musicians recognize how video sharing has the potential to help them reach a wider audience of viewers so they don’t make the mistake of limiting themselves to just the audio aspect of their music. Take advantage of the growing trend of video consumption and video sharing by focusing on differentiating your video from others. You can do this by providing an intriguing storyline, focusing on creativity, or by providing quality in your videos. Here’s how:


Think of your music video as a short film and your song is the storyline. The same way a good movie contains dramatic acting and an original concept to engage audiences, your music video should also deliver emotion and a unique plot that reflects or compliments your song’s context. “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas develops its story by diving straight into the personal life of a young boy going through difficult times.

Video Sharing

Through his emotions and inflection in his voice, the young boy translates the hopelessness of the lyrics through the screen and into your heart. Similarly, the way you deliver your storyline in your video should be animated with passion in order to provide an appropriate visual for the message of your music. This makes it easier to strike a chord within your viewers and connect the audio to the visual. Be deliberate with your facial expressions and body language to make the communication of your message effective.


Creativity is key when making a shareable video. In order to inspire your audience to click the “share” button, your content must pull them into the video by being engaging enough to evoke some sort reaction. South Korean popstar, PSY, hit the nail on the head with “Gangnam Style.” The music video is a great example of how creating something new and different can really get a reaction from viewers and gain traction online. The song itself is catchy, but the video was such a spectacle that people couldn’t help but to watch and share his content. His dance alone was so eye-catching yet easy to emulate that it spawned multiple parodies and videos by amateurs and professionals alike, with such quantity that it overtook the Internet and popular culture. Everyone was engaged, participating, or at least exposed to “Gangnam Style”.

Video Sharing

PSY’s dancing phenomenon was one in a million, but it is a good reference about how creative content can engage your viewers and encourage them to share your video. Think about how you can make your videos an experience rather than just visual entertainment. Construct scenes that keep viewers captivated from start to end and aim to provoke emotions, thoughts, or reactions that stick with viewers long after the video has ended. You might not be able to start the next dance craze, but your video may catch the eyes of a few more viewers than expected if you’re willing to take risks and think out-of-the-box.

High Quality Production

Another great way to increase your video’s shareability is through excellent video quality. Vydia user Post Malone captured the attention of viewers around the world with “White Iverson” through the videos exceptional color scheme and captivating camera angles. Post contrasts the gloomy, dusty setting with his strategic fashion style. This contrast between all-white clothing and earthy hues is a method you should be aware of. Wearing clothing that pops out from its environment has the ability to grab the attention of your viewers and highlight specific details that you want to stand out as you perform your song. Dynamic camera angles can further accentuate your content and peak the interest of your audience. “White Iverson” implements compelling camera movements, a wide variety of shot types, and different perspectives to make the visuals highly diverse, enthralling viewers with every scene. Take a note from Post; when you’re shooting your video test different camera angles and techniques to find which is the most attention-grabbing. Keep in mind that a stationary camera angle isn’t a bad option and has its benefits, but make sure it’s a purposeful style choice and not from a lack of effort.

Not only does “White Iverson” keep viewers stimulated through its clothing and camera angle perspectives, but it also entrances them through its quality lighting style. The video switches between bright scenes and dark room shots with expressive LED lighting. Take note on how the high contrasting LED lights give stage to a scene focused solely on Post, allowing him to deliver emotion and passion to his fans without distraction. By using these unique lighting methods you can allow for a more deliberate experience for your viewers, increasing the chances of your video being shared.

Video Sharing

An interesting storyline, creative concept, and high quality production are important features to include when creating a video that people want to see and share, however all of these qualities can be challenging to incorporate without a little help. Vydia provides a lot of useful information to help our video creators maximize their potential in creating shareable videos. Keep an eye out for our weekly blogs, such as our 6 tips to improve production quality, and our Vydia University videos for helpful hints to make the most of your Vydia experience. Remember, people enjoy sharing videos, so how are you going to allow your video to stand out among the others?