Sync & Protect

All your videos to one location with Vydia’s Social and Rights Sync Technology

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Social Sync

Never lose track of your content online. Social Sync enables you to automatically store any video content you publish directly on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Any newly imported content will then be organized into designated Media Folders that can be easily accessed for future use.

Rights Sync

Maintain full control over all of your assets online before your video goes viral with Vydia’s Rights Sync technology. Every time a video is imported with Social Sync, get notified to proactively set custom Monetization, Permit, or Block policies for how you want your content protected across each social network.


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Vydia Empowering Creators

Maximize the reach of your content while maintaining full control over your assets across the web. Become the latest edition to our talented roster of creators world wide that already protecting their most valuable assets with Vydia technology: