Do I Need a QC Check?

Posted on 08/04/2015 by Amanda Willis

While setting up a monetized release, users have a few options when it comes to additional services. One not to be overlooked is the QC check. Allowing Vydia to perform a QC Check on the video is taking many headaches away from the artist, producer or whoever is editing the video. When it comes to Vevo, there are certain standards required in order to get a channel. Because Vevo is a the premium streaming network that is dedicated to everything about music and the artists, they only accept high quality and original content, we want to make sure the video is meeting the right criteria and there is no delay in the release process. Continue reading for all the benefits of adding the QC Check.

Q: Do I need a QC Check?

In a simple answer, yes. To save time, headaches and money down the road, it would be in the user’s best interest to opt for the QC Check.

Consider Vydia’s team your third eye, here to look out for any imperfections the video may have. Our expert video technicians, with the help of quality control software, will verify your file before it’s dispatched to ensure it meets the exact required specifications. If minor edits are required, we will take care of them for no extra charge. If major edits are required, you may have our technicians complete the edits for an extra charge depending on the significance of the edits.

Things to keep in mind, “Minor edits” are restricted to:

  1. replacing audio (when provided with audio track),
  2. re-encoding,
  3. removal of content from the beginning and end of the video. These edits account for 90% of the required edits for any chosen destination.

Our team sees hundreds of videos a day that are filled with chyrons, lower thirds, social links and URLs that are not allowed. Vevo requires no beginning/end title cards, lower third chyrons, logos, text, release dates, etc. in the video. Any information that you’d like in the video description can be added there.

Vevo is looking for very high quality, high production value videos that have a professional look to them. They are looking for content that has a more premium look and sound. Our QC Check is to help assure that quality is met. The $49 fee is a fraction of the price a video editor would charge to make these edits. Save yourself time and money, and opt for the QC Check with adding additional services to your monetized release. It will definitely make a difference in the long run.

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