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Monetize or Block All 3rd Party Uploads

Universally manage your protection policies and collect earnings for videos published to Youtube, Vevo, Dailymotion and Facebook inside one account with Vydia. Never leave your content vulnerable for pirates to take advantage of again. Keep creating content. We'll protect it.

Protect And Monetize Your Content With Vydia Today
When I saw the advertisement I thought it was a joke like most ads, but I love taking risk, so I decided to try, now I am a loyal partner with vydia for over 1 year and I am definitely not quiting today, great customer service, I earn an income for my work and the prices are great, they create a lot of opputinities for artist/producers/ etc to get placements in the most major industry, I recommend this a million times to anyone with content to start gaining today, don't hesitate, come join the community, we're growing quickly.
I've been doing music for many years, from being a recording artist/ producer to being a manager. Vydia has been 1 of the best ways for me and my team to collect revenue from our work. I've been using the service for about 13 months now and me and my artists have made Thousands of dollars independently. I couldn't be happier. I'm looking forward to making millions with Vydia in the near future! #MJMgmt #MystereVisionLLC
When I finished filming my music video I wasn’t sure of what service I would use to distribute it. I looked to Vydia and it was one of the best decisions I made. Vydia’s platform taught me how to market and to get my content out there for the world to see. I plan on using Vydia for a long time.

Rights Management

Monetize and protect your intellectual property

Protecting your intellectual property is our priority. Vydia’s protection technology was created to combat vulnerabilities and optimize the publishing process, even when you "Go Live." When setting your protection policies, you’ll have the option to Monetize, Block, or Permit 3rd party uploads. Be proactive about protecting your content because you never know when you’re video will go viral!
Rights Management

Monetization Analytics

Monitor metrics for every video, across all networks

We know that performance and revenue transparency empowers creators to make informed video management decisions. This is why Vydia’s dashboard provides actionable insights with complete clarity into how much your videos are earning and where they are being viewed the most. You even have access to monitor the number of UGC claims associated with your content and the revenue accumulated from each video. It’s your content and we believe you should always have access to the information you need to power your business forward.
Monetization Analytics
Vydia is awesome when I stumbled upon this platform I thought it would be like the other, not so up to par sites I was wasting time on. After uploading my music and seeing how responsive the system and staff was I was instantly hook. Over 100000 streams later I am truly an advocate, hooked on Vydia at this point. If an artist doesn't have this they're not taking they're not taking their career serious
Vydia services are great for all level of musicians both upcoming and established alike. I've been a member for a few years now and I've been really making some good strides for getting my music and video contents out there to the fans that matters. I'm really loving them right now, for real. With my new projects in it's final stages and Vydia will be my main hub to launch all of my works from outwards to the world. I'm overjoyed and excited love you guys at Vydia, keep doing your thing you've got my support.
Vydia is awesome. Distribute your video to VEVO, MTV, and more. I protect and monetize all of my content with Vydia. I hope to connect with more creators and get them to use Vydia too. I recommend every publisher or content creator to utilize Vydias platform for Distibution, Monetization, and Protection.