In today’s fast-paced media landscape, consumers don’t have time to comb through mass amounts of content to find music they like. They want to discover new music quickly and are turning to streaming platforms for curated playlists.

Modern-day music consumers have over 40 million songs to choose from, with an additional 20,000 being added daily. Standing out is not an easy feat for artists. Placement on top-ranking playlists like Spotify’s Rap Caviar or Vevo’s Hottest New Hip-Hop can make all the difference. It can help tracks that might have slipped under the radar reach viral success and discovery.

Landing on one of Spotify’s 4,500 or so curated playlists (which cumulatively generate more than a billion streams in any given week) is not that different from securing airplay on a Top 40 radio station. Both can be career catalysts. Vox reports that Spotify-sponsored playlists can boost artist streams by 50% to 100%, with a 20% lasting increase following the initial spike.

Earning a highly coveted spot on a popular playlist may seem like cause for a victory lap, but you’re not in the home stretch just yet. Keeping a pulse on playlist performance and stats is crucial for maintaining momentum. 

This is where Vydia’s newest update comes in. Our exciting new playlist analytics feature enables creators and their teams to access aggregated playlist data, both on a creator and track level, directly from the Vydia platform. From the Playlist Analytics Tab, you can learn vital information about how consumers are discovering your music, which playlists are garnering the most streams, how users are interacting with your individual track(s), as well as with you as an artist — and much more! 

Perhaps you collaborated with another artist or crossed over to another genre for a recent release. You can utilize Vydia’s playlist analytics feature to assess how these experimental projects are affecting your performance on a playlist level in real-time. Using this information will enable you to adjust your business strategy accordingly.

In addition to playlist analytics, sharing your content metrics just got easier. Today, Vydia introduces shareable reports and daily audio/video content stats!

The number of music-streaming platforms around the world makes it easier than ever to share music globally. The downside is an overabundance of data to track and analyze. Honing in on where your fans are, which platforms are securing you the most traction and revenue, and in what parts of the world you are trending can be challenging. To ease that stress, Vydia now offers daily audio and video streaming metrics, as well as the ability to send performance reports to anyone. 

Perhaps one of your tracks is trending on the popular video app TikTok, causing your streaming numbers to boom overnight. Without direct access to daily streaming data, you might discover too late that your song is trending and therefore not capitalize on your sudden rise in popularity. 

Vydia’s new update will empower you and your team to remain up-to-date on how your content is performing. When you experiment with new strategies like enacting social media campaigns or collaborating with other artists, you can track their impact on the size and reach of your fanbase, as well as, your revenue streams.

Vydia’s new downloadable reports contain daily streaming analytics and stats relating to how your Spotify and Apple Music content is performing by territory. Such a detailed glance into streaming data can help you plan everything from tour stops to future content rollouts and more!