2017 is projected to be live video’s blockbuster year with creators utilizing this trend in new and innovative ways, making now the perfect time to start incorporating it into your social strategy. Where can you go live? Check out how some of your favorite social media platforms have integrated live video streaming and how you can take advantage of these features to further enhance your connection with your followers.



Instagram’s live video streaming feature was introduced late last year and became the latest social platform to do so. The app currently has over 500 million active monthly users and shares an average of 95 million photos and videos a day. Instagram Live allows users to stream their video with their audience in real time and once the video is complete, it disappears. Unlike many of the other platforms, live videos on Instagram are fleeting and cannot be saved or replayed, so the video is truly “in-the-moment.” Viewers can interact with the live videos with ephemeral messaging, or comments and emojis that disappear once viewed. The feature was added to Instagram’s Stories, which averages 100 million views a day.



At the end of 2016, Twitter took two critical strides to advance live video on its platform. The first update is “powered by Periscope” and incorporates the original live broadcasting app’s software into the Twitter app. Prior to the update, users had to film on a completely different app, Periscope, for their live video needs. Now users can stream their videos directly from Twitter. Shortly after the addition of “powered by Periscope” Twitter released 360° live video, a feature that allows audience members to manipulate the video to see all of the surroundings for completely immersive experience. Twitter and Facebook are the only two platforms to incorporate this type of engaging feature, however it is only currently available to a select handful of users on Twitter.



Facebook Live brought live video to the mainstream in 2016 and continues to dominate the trend thus far. With viewers spending on average, 3x longer watching live video broadcasts than native video uploads, Facebook Live is the most adaptive platform, dynamically growing with its users. In 2016 alone, Facebook Live advanced its capabilities to allow users to stream 360° live videos and Live Audio only broadcasts. It also built out a Mentions feature which allows audience members to interact with the video to ask questions and make comments to the creator. Its latest update earlier this year, gives users even more flexibility and control by making Facebook Live web-based and adding an insight feature for users to gain insight on the impact of their videos.



YouTube may be the leading platform for online video as a whole, but when it comes to live video it has fallen slightly behind the curve. Although YouTube has offered live video since 2011, it has remained a secondary feature. Recently, YouTube has added 360° live videos as well as a mobile feature so users can stream videos right from their smartphones. In order to combat it’s major competitor, Facebook Live, and draw even more users to live video, YouTube is beginning to roll out Super Chat that will allow video creators to monetize on their live videos. Super Chat is designed to benefit both creators and fans alike. As a video streams, fans will have the option to bid money to have their comments pinned to the top of the chat stream for up to 5 hours. On the other hand, Super Chat will help video creators connect directly with their (super) fans in a meaningful way while gaining a new source of revenue.


Best Practices for Leveraging Live Video

You don’t have to document a Presidential Inauguration or a wear a Chewbacca mask to take advantage of live video streaming. This tool can be useful to any creator looking to connect to viewers, share ideas, and capture everyday personal moments. It’s interactivity and unscripted nature is what makes it so effective. Here are some easy yet powerful ways to incorporate live video that will capture your viewers attention and entice them to tune in.

  • Q&As: Answer viewers questions right when they ask you in a direct and personal manner.
  • Exclusive Performances: Whether it’s sharing a new song to get feedback, or live streaming part of your next concert, reward your most loyal fans by bringing them onstage with you.
  • Behind the Scenes: Showcase your personality by giving your fans the opportunity to see what happens behind the music in your everyday life.
  • Big Announcements: From announcing new music to teasing your next video, give your fans your juiciest details directly and in a timely manner.


As you begin to incorporate live video into your arsenal, Vydia has your back with one of our platform’s newest features, Social Sync. This will allow you to automatically upload Facebook Live videos straight to your Vydia library, where you can publish and protect it in one simple step. This allows you to focus on what really matters, creating your content and enjoying the moment.


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