Schedule video posts to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all from one platform. 

Introducing VydiaOne, a new social distribution platform powered by Vydia. Users can now upload video content, select networks, schedule release dates and even administer rights – all from one platform. There is no longer the hassle of logging into multiple channels and uploading the video numerous times. Use VydiaOne for music video and audio video releases to save time.

Using the new Advanced Options allows users to customize the title, description, length of the video and more. Learn how to use VydiaOne in these few easy steps.

To get started, select Publish when creating a New Release which will give you access to VydiaOne.

Once an artist is selected, six networks will appear. Users can submit to all of the networks and channels listed or only a few. Where Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Daily Motion appear, users can link their personal accounts to the artist profile, allowing direct video uploads to these channels.

Simply tap Link Account and the platform will take you through the motions to allow Vydia to post onto your channel. Once the channel is connected properly, it will have the profile picture from the linked account. To take advantage of all features of VydiaOne, click on the Edit button which will allow you to use the advanced settings option.

Publish your content directly to your existing Facebook page(s). This information will be replaced with options for customizing and scheduling your post after you link your account and select your Facebook Page. There are four tabs that users will have the control over:

  1. TitleUsing merge tags, the tool will automatically pull the video’s details from the meta data.
  2. Description – Write a video description exactly how you would like it to appear. The merge tags will be replaced.
  3. Schedule – Set the exact date of time for video to be released.
  4. Trim – Only want to premiere a clip of the video? Trim the video down to the second to offer a sneak peak.

In these simple steps, users can enjoy scheduling video releases to multiple networks, customizing the video description and even sharing a snippet preview of the video release – now all from one platform. No need to log into numerous channels to type out the video details over and over again. With VydiaOne – the process is one and done. Try it today.