Crafting, packaging, and releasing an album takes hard work & dedication. An artist devotes their time to fine-tuning their content and Vydia understands that this effort to craft just the right album should be uniquely recognized. Evaluating album data can help you identify which goals to target by understanding which marketing efforts gain the most traffic and where your album needs to be pushed.

Implementing a feature where our users can see how much revenue their album is bringing in, without the need for manual accounting, was the result of valuable user feedback. Let’s dive in and see what’s new.



In the Royalty Center, you can now filter down to the Album level and check performance data. Prior to this implementation, you were only able to filter down to User, Creator & Content but with this additional filter, finding album details is right at your fingertips. You can also quickly access Album Earnings on your ‘My Content’ page (under Content dropdown > Audio Content) and inside your Album media tabs.




When viewing your Album Earnings inside the Royalty Center, you will find the album’s total earnings, a breakdown of stream vs. download revenue, and the royalties earned from each DSP. You will also be able to evaluate which territories your album is excelling in to best determine the areas to invest marketing spend. 

If you want to focus on a single song, this feature allows you to view the album’s Top Tracks and assess how well it’s performing as part of the packaged album. If you click on the track itself, you can see how much it has made in total, not just in the particular album you are viewing. Additionally, if you’re at a higher level, such as a label, you can see Top Albums from your artists.

The Monthly Breakdown graph gives users the ability to view their album earnings over time by comparing its performance in different networks, allowing our labels to recognize when and where marketing efforts made an impact on album performance or which DSP needs more attention.




Albums take a great deal to curate and perfect, and we want to make sure our labels, managers, and artists know we have their back. By handling the back office work, Vydia strives to make album accounting easy, so you can focus on what’s important- making music.

Album Revenue Reporting gives you transparency on your royalties, gaining better insight on album performance. Go to your Royalty Center, filter down to albums, evaluate the rich data available, and plan your next steps in showing the world why you should be heard. There is no better time, than right now, to focus on raising those numbers.

Check out your earnings!