Chart-topping creators like Chance the Rapper, Daddy Yankee, and Austin Mahone along with creators with cult-followings like Jake Miller, Kat Graham, and Elizabeth Lyons are proving that independence is a strategic business move. The allure of belonging to a record label is losing its appeal as creators have started to prioritize control over their content. Modern technology has positioned independent creators to access the same reach as signed creators– but without the creative limitations. Many individuals have shared their perspective on why they prefer to stay independent.

Chance the Rapper

Only 24 years old, Chance the Rapper has become one of the biggest independent creators today. Not only has he won three Grammys, he was also the youngest person to be named to Fortune’s 2017 40 Under 40 list. Throughout all of his success, Chance the Rapper has become an advocate for creators to remain independent. He even launched his own ‘Rapper Radio’ campaign to promote independent creators and help get their music on the radio. Although he was offered multiple record deals, Chance had this to say about why he remains independent, “After meeting with three major labels, I realized my strength was being able to offer my best work to people without any limit on it.”

Daddy Yankee

Singer song-writer Daddy Yankee is another top creator who’s remained independent throughout his years in the music industry. This Latin pop star has more Hot 100 hits in another language than anybody else in the history of the Billboard chart (including his biggest singles “Despacito” and “Gasolina”). At a Midem 2017 panel, Daddy Yankee expressed how he prefers to be his own boss: “I’ve been investing in my own tracks and I own my masters. When anybody negotiates with Daddy Yankee, it’s straight with me. I’m my own jefe.”

Jake Miller

Vydia creator Jake Miller is a self-producing rapper, singer, and songwriter that has made a name for himself in the music industry leveraging his creative sounds and lyrics. He has performed alongside some of the industry’s hottest acts including Mac Miller, Flo Rida, and Sean Kingston. Earlier this year, Jake made the decision to leave his record label and pursue his career as an independent creator. Jake was quick to take advantage of his newly found freedom, dropping his first independent album (2AM in LA) less than a month after announcing his split with his former record label. He also unveiled the dates for his nationwide 2018 Hit & Run tour, which is already seeing sold out shows.

Jake stopped by the Vydia office for a cozy acoustic performance with the team and shared what it’s like to be independent. “Now that I’m not on a label, I have complete freedom. I was on one for three years and I felt like I was getting some of my creativity stripped from me, which I didn’t like obviously cause that’s the only thing I have as a creator. So now everything is in my hands, literally, it’s in my hands, it’s on my laptop that I bring to the studio and everywhere else I go. I could go back to my hotel right now if I wanted and record a whole song.” Jake continued, “I’m a young, hungry, and passionate creator…as long as I got support from people like you guys, I’m good”. We support you 100% Jake and can’t wait to see even more great things to come in 2018!


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