Latest Network Spins Through Vydia

Posted on 10/01/2015 by Amanda Willis

Want to see the latest videos getting airplay through Vydia? Check out some recent acceptances to television networks and submit your video today for a chance to #BeSeen!

Vydia clients are seeing excellent results every week. Major networks like MTV, CMT, Revolt and retailers are currently accepting Vydia videos for airplay. Distribution is a great option for a chance to get your video seen by a larger audience. Both major and independent artists are gaining amazing exposure through Vydia’s services. Check out some of the latest network spins through Vydia! Our clients videos are getting real airtime and rotation, submit now for your chance at success.

Russell Dickerson – “I’m Yours” – Independent – Accepted to CMT and Great American Country

Forever In Your Mind – “Shake Your Booty” – Walk Disney Records – Accepted to AXS TV and MTV Hits

T.I.P – “Check, Run IT” – Hustle Gang Music- Accepted to MTV Jams and MTV 2

Lado A – “Escapar” – Independent – Accept to MTV Tr3s and currently spinning in 2,000 fitness facilities in the U.S

Bitta Blood – “Diss Me” – DAGCK Music – Accepted to Revolt TV and MTV VOD

Rahzel Jr. – “Forever” – ft. AdELA – Independent – Accepted to MTVU and

Think your music video has what it takes to be seen on major television networks? Take a shot at distribution, a great way to expose yourself as an artist and your music video. Get thousands of new viewers and potential fans. Independent artists get picked up for rotation on a daily basis, it is a chance for thousands of new viewers to see your videos and hear your music. Programmers are more likely to choose videos that are unique and know their viewers will enjoy. Submit your music video to Vydia for a chance to get considered, now!