“It’s easy to publish a video on a single platform and forget about it,” explains Vydia Marketing Director, Jenna Gaudio. “But you never know what can happen to your video. Whether it’s a silly spontaneous moment or a carefully crafted production, you want to protect it. If you’re a professional content creator, you want it everywhere and you want to benefit from it as much as you can.”

With its new Social and Rights Sync feature, Vydia makes sure creators never “upload and forget it.” Wherever creators upload natively to social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, the video management platform pings creators, prompting them to ensure the video is protected everywhere. The process is simple: Vydia sends users a notification whenever they publish a new video to their feed. Without having to log into multiple platforms, in a few simple steps, Vydia users can deal with their inventory, determine the monetization and usage status, and monitor performance. All from a mobile phone.

Social and Rights Sync are interlocking features necessary for a platform to truly enable video creators to take full control of their assets. Using Social Sync, users can connect a social media account or YouTube channel. Any video uploaded natively to that service or platform will be automatically synced with the user’s Vydia library, putting all content in one place.

This prompts Vydia to send a notification urging the user to apply ownership policies to that video. This can include setting a policy to monetize (where applicable), permit (which allows reposts and is for tracking purposes only), or block (to ensure other users don’t nab the video and repost it). Users can also edit video metadata right from Vydia.

“Creators are leaving their assets unprotected and in some cases leaving money on the table they could be collecting for their videos,” notes Gaudio. “We have made changing this the matter of a few taps and swipes.