Each week Vydia is taking a closer look at the clients and artists who use the monetization and distribution services. This week we are featuring Vydia Artist Angels & Airwaves.  Ever since their return last year, they are back and bringing a whole new sound with their recent release of their newest album, “The Dream Walker”. This is their first album since the passing of their sound technician Jeff Newell, who was considered as another member of their band. Their new sound leaves fans welcoming their return with open ears.

Featured on this album is their hit single ‘The Wolf Pack‘ which is gaining the band extreme success, currently earning them over one million views on Vevo. One of the many videos Vydia monetizes for Angels & Airwaves. This video plays directly into the new sound that they are conquering. ‘The Wolf Pack’ is edgy, dark and tells the dark side of a fairytale world, similar to what the bases of the album is all about.

The new album was released last December, in conjunction of a short film entitled “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker”.  This short film was directed by Tom DeLonge, Edgar Martins and Sergio Martins. The film portrays the main character Poet, as a man searching for some kind of purpose and finds not only his guardian angel but his destiny as well. The film gives fans a visual of what the album portrays musically. It has since won Best Animated Film at the Toronto International Short Film Festival. A&A has been taking bold creative risks on their new project, that has otherwise been uncharted for them.

Angels & Airwaves is one of Vydia’s top performing artists on Vevo. With their new sound and creative direction that is gaining them much success and growing their already deep and loyal fan base.  As an artist, distributing and monetizing their content is the key to success.  If you want to get in on the action and join the likes of Angels & Airwaves, choose monetizing with Vydia! So don’t wait, get started right now.
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