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Meet Vydia Mobile

Created for all video creators, this sleek new app gives users the knowledge and power to do more with their video content.

Track video analytics from anywhere
Quickly publish content to social networks
Instantly protect your intellectual property

Monitor Performance Metrics

Vydia Mobile makes it easier than ever to be more informed about how your videos are performing across all social channels. Your home screen displays reports on the data that matters most to you. This dashboard of information features digestible graphs to show your top earning videos and networks. Additionally, you can now keep track of 3rd party uploads with UGC analytics.

Vydia mobile provides total transparency, allowing you to be more in control of your content. Mobile app users will be able to: track their earnings based on a variety of factors including which network they are earning the most (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, or DailyMotion) or which specific video is bringing in the most revenue. Similarly, users will be able to access detailed information about any UGC claims including total claims, total estimated views from claims, estimated claims and views for each individual video.

Seamlessly Publish & Protect

Vydia Mobile sets you up to sync your video content and quickly publish to all your connected social networks, right from your phone. Connecting your social accounts to your Vydia account helps sync and centralize your content, even your live videos. Get ahead of managing your rights by selecting protection policies to ensure all of your intellectual property is properly protected. These policies allow you to decide how your content behaves on each designated platform.

Once you've asserted your rights, immediately deploy your content or schedule it to publish at a later time. You can review your published history or monitor the queue of scheduled posts at any time. Once published, monitor the performance on your home screen.

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