This Just In: Vydia Vevo YouTube Channels

Posted on 08/14/2015 by Amanda Willis

We’ve had a lot of questions and concerns about Vevo YouTube Channels recently and wanted to clear the air. After speaking with Vevo, we have come up with a solution that we think will truly benefit our clients. See below the advantages of being on a Vydia Vevo YouTube Channel.

Through a special partnership with Vevo and Vydia, users can now be on the shared Vydia Vevo YouTube Channels where they can experience even more discoverability. What does that mean for you? Your video will be uploaded to one of five Vydia Genre Vevo YouTube Pages (Pop, Rock, Latin, Country, or Urban) where all of our subscribers will be notified once your video is added. Being part of the Vydia Community is a great way for extra promotion for only $20 per year with no added fees.

Who wouldn’t want the chance at more promotion? Vydia’s network has strength in numbers allowing our artist’s videos to gain more views. By getting the chance to participate in the Vydia Community, users are able to take advantage of five times the promotional opportunities and access to our subscriber base, this is the best option for independent artists to get discovered. Join the likes of thousands of Vydia artists as we supply and fuel the go-to channels for the latest emerging artists and videos in the industry.

Why you should join Vydia’s Vevo YouTube Channel:

  • 5-7 days normal processing time
  • 48 hours to rush ($49)
  • more discoverability and promotional opportunities
  • being part of the Vydia community
  • access to Vydia’s subscriber base
  • Great for independent, emerging artists
  • Free through Monetization service

Even with this new option, our clients will always have a profile page on for their artist and videos. Being a part of our VydiaVEVO genre channels doesn’t effect the profile.

For more information on Vydia Vevo Youtube Channels, please visit Don’t forget to subscribe to our newest YouTube Channels to get access to newest music!

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If you have any further questions on Vevo YouTube Channels, use the hashtag on social media #AskVydia and look forward to a video response!