With over 1.1 billion hours of videos being watched across YouTube and Facebook every day, 2017 proved to be a historic year for video creators. This past year, the internet was flooded with an abundant amount of video content. In fact, YouTube alone sees over 400 hours of content being uploaded every minute. Through the surplus that was online video in 2017, a few gems were able to break through the clutter, make an impact, and rise to the top as this year’s viral hits. From lava challenges and “Gucci Gang” choreography to children interference and ventriloquism, the Vydia team took a look at this year’s viral sensations to determine which ones lived up to the hype. Here are our favorite viral videos of 2017:


Vydia’s Favorite Viral Videos #1: The Floor is Lava

Over the years we’ve seen a myriad of planking challenges, Harlem Shake videos, mannequin challenges and more. Earlier this year we were introduced to a new kind of challenge, “The Floor is Lava”. This challenge started to circulate around when Jahannah James and Kevin Freshwater’s video went viral in the beginning of the year. Their video spread throughout Facebook like wildfire reaching 92 million views and 529k shares.

Vydia’s Favorite Viral Videos #2: Matt Steffania “Gucci Gang” Choreography

Renowned choreographer and YouTube star, Matt Steffania, is best known for his instantly viral hip-hop choreography. Within the last month, his past 10 videos averaged 1.2 million views.He recently dropped his latest hip-hop video to “Gucci Gang” by Vydia’s own, Lil Pump, which has already reached 5.3 million views and continues to climb.

Vydia’s Favorite Viral Videos #3: Little Girl Tries to Say Ice Cream

The adorable little Delta has difficulty with her pronunciation. In this video, her father tells her to say “I love Ice Cream” but she can’t quite grasp how to pronounce “ice cream” and continuously says “camtono”. This cute and hilarious video went immediately viral and reached 32.2 million views.

Vydia’s Favorite Viral Videos #4: Darci Lynne

The adorable Darci Lynne, America’s Got Talent Season 12 Winner, instantly became an internet sensation when her audition video started to circulate around social media. On AGT she showcased not only her amazing ventriloquist skills, but also her show stopping voice. Her performance on America’s Got Talent racked up 42.4 million views on YouTube and landed a spot as one of our favorite videos from 2017.

Vydia’s Favorite Viral Videos #5: Children Interrupt BBC News Interview

The comical video of a BBC reporter getting interrupted by his children during a report went viral almost instantaneously. Initially the video was broadcasted as a live interview on BBC, but it quickly took the internet by storm. With 25.7 million views on YouTube, it also landed a spot on YouTube’s Top 10 videos of 2017.

Vydia’s Favorite Viral Videos #6: People are Awesome

One of our favorite viral videos comes from “People are Awesome”, a Facebook page featuring all sorts of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. The video was released in the earlier half of the year and is a compilation of people from all over the world simply being awesome. From skydiving, to skateboarding, to martial arts and more, this video has reached 520 million Facebook views and 7.6 million shares.


Is your favorite viral hit missing from this list? Let us know by sending a tweet to @VydiaOffical. Want to make next year’s list? Read these helpful hacks for creating a viral video with Vydia!