Halloween is finally here which means it’s officially time for ghouls, ghosts, and great music videos! While you may be putting the final touches on your costume, the Vydia team picked out everyone’s favorite Halloween-themed music videos for your next spooky event. Whether you’re into dancing zombies, blood-thirsty vampires, ferocious werewolves, or Rihanna gone mad; we have a video for you. Just sit back, and prepare to scream with our top five music videos you can sink your teeth into!

#5: Disturbia- Rihanna


Rihanna takes you into the mind of a mad woman in her dark and twisted video for the hit song ‘Disturbia.’ The video opens with Rihanna sitting in the middle of what seems like a circus-like torture chamber as the camera flashes to other seedy characters to draw viewers in. Throughout the video, Rihanna continues to turn up the scare-factor, by introducing new settings, each one creepier than the one before. The eerie settings, that have Rihanna imprisoned behind bars and tied up to a metal table, are enhanced with her animalistic movements to create a truly bone-chilling experience.

#4: Ghostbusters- Ray Parker Jr.


If you’re looking for a video jam-packed with ghouls and ghosts, who ya gonna call- Ray Parker Jr. for his video ‘Ghostbusters’. The video itself follows the story of a young woman entering, what she thinks, is a deserted house. She quickly discovers that she is being followed by a ghost, played by Ray Parker Jr., and spends the video running away from him. The video contains footage from the movie, Ghostbusters, and features cameos from a variety of celebrities including Chevy Chase, Carly Simon, and Danny DeVito urging the woman to call Ghostbusters to solve her problem. The video’ concludes with Ray Parker Jr. joining the cast of the film, dancing through the streets of NYC.

#3: Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)- Backstreet Boys


What happens when a tour bus trip goes horribly wrong? You get the legendary ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’ music video from the Backstreet Boys. Drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’, the Backstreet Boys take a playful twist on a common horror movie theme, turning a haunted house into the ultimate dance party. The video features each band member depicted as a different classic monster including Nick as the mummy; Kevin as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; A.J. as the Phantom of the Opera; Howie as Dracula; and Brian as the werewolf. In true Backstreet Boy’s fashion, the band ends the video with an incredible dance number, paying homage to the video’s inspiration by including some of Michael Jackson’s signature ‘Thriller’ moves.

#2: Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs


The video starts out pretty tame, featuring the band performing in some sort of underground venue when a werewolf appears and breaks out some dance moves for the audience. Then things take a turn for the worse because halfway through the video, a light appears causing the werewolf to transform and chase out the audience. Instead of blood, the band uses red confetti to display the carnage the beast leaves in his wake. To bring the video full circle, the final scene display’s the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s lead singer, Karen O, delivering her final lines completely decapitated.

#1: Thriller- Michael Jackson


Our Halloween music video countdown would be incomplete without the iconic ‘Thriller’ video by the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson. Originally released in December 1983, this 14-minute long cinematic masterpiece takes viewers through their ultimate nightmare: having your date transform into a monster before your eyes! The unworldly pairing of the undead and Michael Jackson’s signature dance moves seemed to be the perfect combination. ‘Thriller’ is said to be one of the greatest music videos of all time, and has the statics to back it up; not only does the video have over 454 million views on Vevo, but it was also able to break a world record by selling over 9 million home video copies.
Did your favorite Halloween video make the list? Let us know by sending a tweet to @VydiaOfficial and from all of us here at Vydia, have a Happy and safe Halloween.