Interested in distribution with Vydia and wondering what is required when submitting to television networks? FCC mandates that all video content aired on television must have EIA 608/708 closed captioning (or line 21 captions) for the hearing impaired. Get all the facts below!

Q: What is Closed Captioning and Why Do I Need it?

A: When? submitting your video to U.S., Canadian or Latin TV Networks, it is a requirement of the FCC that all videos must be closed captioned. But what does that mean? Have you ever noticed the sub titles on the bottom of the screen when you turn the television on mute? It is exactly that. A requirement set by the FCC for the hearing impaired.

Closed captioning presents the audio portion of television programming as text on the TV screen, providing critical links to news, entertainment and information for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Congress requires video programming distributors (VPDs) – cable operators, broadcasters, satellite distributors and other multi-channel video programming distributors – to close caption their TV programs.

We offer the closed captioning service for a $99 fee, it is a one time fee for us to QC, convert, encode, and closed caption your video to broadcast specifications. If you decide to submit to additional networks at a later date you will not have to pay the charge again, as long as you are submitting the same video.

What we need from you

  • Clean lyrics of the song
  • If song is explicit, we will need clean track to sync with the video to make it clean.
  • If no clean track is available, we can make edits to their video for a small fee. Quote depends on the amount of edits required.

Want a version of your closed captioned video? No problem! We can send you a closed captioned download link to your video for $15. Please fill out a support ticket on the site requesting a download link and we can send you an invoice.

If you can close caption the video yourself, we will gladly accept the file and waive the fee.

Check out this article of the exact specs we will need. These are the specs the major networks ask us to send the videos in.