What is Vydia+ ?

Constantly researching the market to find gaps and solve problems within the industry, Vydia’s team found that 80% of label owners found it difficult to find reputable third party service providers that would allow them to scale their business and artists, quoting “trust” as the biggest factor. With many people working remotely with vendors, stories of dishonesty and scams were rampant throughout the industry – making it increasingly difficult for independent creators to find partners that would foster growth.

Vydia+ Partner Directory is a centralized database of Vydia Certified* vendors, available to all industry professionals via the Vydia website. Vydia+ spans every need in the industry highlighting service providers in digital marketing, publicity, booking/touring, recording equipment, merchandising, video/audio production, music management software, and so much more.

*All listed partners are Vydia Certified meaning they underwent an extensive vetting process and were found to be a transparent, reputable, and trustworthy partner in the industry.