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launched in 2013

Vydia launched in 2013 with the vision of creating a centralized solution for video creators to manage their content. First offering music video distribution services, the Vydia platform has now expanded to offer a full arsenal of tools that creators utilize to power their video content strategy.

We're the experts

Comprised of experts in both tech and music, Team Vydia is dedicated to empowering creators to be more in control of their visual content. Leading this operation, Vydia’s Co-founders bring 15 years of music industry experience, the insights to know the issues the industry is facing today, and the technical chops to build solutions that transcend. Constantly producing new features and onboarding new talent, Vydia continues to grow at remarkable rate.

over 135,000 users

Vydia serves an array of over 135,000 users in 150 countries, including multi-platinum rockstars, social influencers, breakout discovery acts, entertainment outlets and more. Vydia is a trusted partner of major digital publishers like Vevo, YouTube, and DailyMotion and networks like BET, MTV, and Music Choice.

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