From a small town in Indiana to the star of RuPaul’s runway, there’s no stopping Blair St. Clair as she solidifies her spot as the queen of the music charts. She initially stepped into the spotlight back in 2016 when she was crowned Miss Gay Indiana. Then in 2018, she made her global debut as a contestant on the 10th season of the Emmy-nominated ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’. After the season concluded, Blair St. Clair shifted her focus to music releasing her debut album ‘Call My Life’ which quickly topped the iTunes Dance and Billboard Dance & Electronic charts – making drag queen history!

Blair St. Clair is currently traveling across the country slaying the stage during her debut tour but found the time to tell Vydia about her time on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the inspiration behind her chart-topping album ‘Call My Life’, and more! Here’s what she had to say:


What motivated you to pursue a career in music?

My love for theatre, live performing, and my musical theatre upbringing made me want to peruse music on a more mainstream level!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My biggest inspiration differs from day to day, but recently it’s been Demi Lovato. She has been a powerhouse for owning herself and staring up for what she believes, especially with her new single “Sober” she recently released as an apology to her fans for breaking her sobriety. She inspires me to be strong.

You first started gaining recognition for your talent after winning the prestigious Miss Gay Indiana Pageant in 2016. How did that impact your career as a creator?

Becoming Miss Gay Indiana, and being the youngest in history to ever be crowned, was the beginning for me which led me to realize that my love for my heart had merit to it. I knew I was good at it at this point, but this was my first opportunity to start spreading a message over a platform and making a difference with my passions. This was the first opportunity I had been given to show that I could be an administrator.

Did your participation in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10 influence your music or change your approach to creating content in any way?

RuPaul’s Drag Race did not change me, I want that to remain clear, but the show did strengthen me. The show allowed me to realize that I have always had a large platform to spread love and share my story wherever I have been, on TV or not. I have finally realized that my voice is so important, but it’s always been important. Nothing has changed besides the realization of that inside of me.

Congratulations! Your debut album ‘Call My Life’ continues to make drag queen history debuting at No. 1 on the Dance/Electronic Album Sales chart, No. 11 on Heatseekers Albums, and No. 34 on Independent Albums. What was the biggest challenge you faced in putting this project together?

Thank you! I’m so proud of “Call My Life.” It’s my baby, and, in a way, has been my therapy! It’s allowed me to open up and practice more radical honesty within myself. I think the biggest challenge in creating the album was finding the perfect lyrics to really get my message across while also appealing to my audience in a fun way.

What was the story behind the video for your title track ‘Call My Life’?

The story was inspired by many different elements, but the main idea I was really trying to convey is that “everything is not what it may seem” and what I mean by that is that you don’t need fame, glamour, and recognition to realize the goodness within you. The story tried to visually portray me in a world of fame looking back at myself more plain in appearance, but still beautiful inside. It was fun to play with the juxtaposition of the physical and non-physical metaphor.

Both “Now or Never” and “Call My Life” have the recurring theme of self-love and empowerment. What themes can we expect to see in future videos?

Other themes are about self-acceptance, finding your inner “sexy,” and letting go of baggage.

What’s the best piece of advice you received as a creator on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

The best piece of advice I’ve received is to be in the moment. Live it fully and treasure it. And never sacrifice your dreams.

What advice would you give to aspiring creators?

I always say “Never stop dreaming, and never stop believing!”

What is a fun fact that no one knows about you?

I‘m the BIGGEST goofball in the world. My boyfriend and I always talk to each other in a lisp and he catches me acting beyond silly most days!

This is just the beginning for Blair St. Clair, rumor has it fans can expect another jaw-dropping music video from the album soon! While we wait to see what’s next, make sure you don’t miss out on any action. Don’t forget to follow her on social media and subscribe to her Vevo channel.