Social media has grown over the years, allowing for businesses and artists to showcase their work to gain visibility. For an up and coming artist, it’s important to understand how fans are engaging with their content so they can track its success. With Vydia’s new upgrade to Creator Analytics, a user will find all of their social statistics in one location.


See if your Instagram engagement rate increases after a marketing campaign or track release, or compare your Spotify profile’s popularity to a competitor’s page. You can also find out which countries your Facebook Fans are from so you can target the areas with no exposure to your content. This feature is an analytical tool that will allow Vydia users to examine how their music is performing on specific platforms, and where they should consider investing marketing spend. Let’s take a deep dive into Creator Analytics.



When on your Dashboard, navigate to Insights → Creator Analytics. You can also click on your Creator’s profile and click the Creator Analytics tab. If you are a label admin, you will be able to see each of your user’s listener, follower, and subscriber growth by filtering down to each artist. If you are a creator, all of your social data will be right in front of you.


As a reminder, in order to retrieve data in the Creator Analytics tab, content must have been distributed and streamed on the given platform. Additionally, you will need to make sure socials are connected to your Vydia profile. 


The first set of data you will see are your Spotify Listeners, Followers, and Popularity. From the time you deployed your music on Spotify, you will be able to track your listener and follower growth from your profile. Your popularity shows how your Spotify profile compares to others and how well-liked you are versus competitors.



Next is Apple Listeners, where you can identify how many individuals are streaming your content on Apple Music. YouTube Subscribers show the number of people that subscribe, and unsubscribe, to your page over a given period of time. Similarly, Instagram Followers show the increase, or decrease, in your Instagram following. And last but not least is Facebook Fans, where you can see the number of fans who like your page. While all of these platforms give you numerical data, Instagram Followers and Facebook Fans can also be populated by country. Find out where most of your following is from and evaluate which country you need to market better in. 



Data analysis is paramount for labels and artists. If you invest money in marketing spend, tracking social statistics over the period of time you ran the campaign allows you to interpret how impactful it was. Furthermore, you can determine if you would like to continue utilizing the marketing opportunities available to you. 


What’s your engagement rate looking like? Check it out here