For a new and upcoming artist, delivering to multiple platforms can amplify the reach of their content. Social media has become an increasingly popular place for users to express themselves. By delivering music to social media sound libraries, artists allow fans to personalize their posts while reaching new audiences. Through Vydia’s platform, labels and artists can deliver to popular social media sound libraries, including TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, Triller, and Sounds on Snapchat.



TikTok is a hot spot for artists’ music to be picked up and quickly spread. It has over 680 million monthly users, where they create short-form videos to their favorite sounds and include tracks from their go-to artist. When a user clicks on the video’s sound, they will find the song title, artist, and other posts using that sound. TikTok gives artists high chances to have breakout moments. Songs popularized by TikTok are constantly being ranked on top charts. 



As one of the most popular social media platforms, Instagram is a must when delivering to sound libraries. There are over 1 billion monthly users on the platform, and three different features artists can utilize to push their music out:



Instagram Stories gives fans the option to play up to 15 seconds of their favorite artists’ music. Their followers can directly click on the song to display the title, artist, and album. From there, users can navigate to the artist’s Instagram page, driving more fans.



Instagram Reels showcases 15-30 second clips that users can upload with their favorite track. They can save the song and view more information by tapping on the sound icon. If a user’s Instagram account is public, their Reels will be available in the ‘Explore’ page, making them visible to the entire Instagram community.



In addition to Reels, Instagram has recently announced its new feature, Remix. Users can create a reel alongside an existing one to recreate a trending video or film their reaction.



YouTube Shorts is a new feature that will be available in the US within the next few weeks. Users can record multiple segments and choose up to 60 seconds of a song to add to their short video.



Triller has over 65 million monthly users, where they can synchronize their videos to their preferred track. The app uses artificial intelligence so users can film multiple takes and it pulls the best of those clips to share.



Snapchat has over 230 million daily users and recently added their “Sounds” feature. Users can record a Snapchat up to 60 seconds and include their favorite song. 



Delivering music to these platforms helps artists increase their content’s visibility on a global scale. The more sound libraries an artist uploads their music to, the more likely their content is to be discovered. Putting content out to sound libraries can lead to higher engagement, an increased fan base, and possibly, a viral hit. 


Written by Courtney Campbell


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