Vydia’s Sales Trends feature is an analytics tool that provides labels and their teams access to earnings and demographic data. This innovative technology provides sales and earnings data from major distribution channels; giving labels and artists the visibility and insight to make short and long term creative and financial decisions, while also bolstering trust and collaboration between teams. 



Located in the Royalty Center of the Vydia Dashboard, the Sales Trends tool features a broad overview of sales data filtered by destination. You can then get specific and filter the data by month, territory, network and release type. Within these categories, you can get even more granular by filtering down to the label, user, artist, album or track level. This insight can then be used to make data-informed decisions on your next album, single or project release. 



Derived from a shared mission to enhance the economic potential of the independent sector, this feature gives creators a clear understanding of many elements of their release strategies, including their fan base demographics, which digital service provider their projects are performing best on, and ultimately, where to invest marketing dollars to expand their reach.


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