As a publisher or composer, you want to ensure you are collecting all deserved revenue on your compositions. The Vydia platform allows you to do so, without an audio or video file, making the process simple and convenient.



  1. From your Dashboard, navigate to My Content > Add Content
  2. Choose Composition Only
  3. Input your metadata information
  4. Assert your composition rights (e.g. shares, territories, etc.), and policies (e.g. monetize, block, etc.) 


Once the metadata is inputted, we will deliver your compositions to YouTube Content ID and to PROs and CMOs, including the MLC, BMI, ASCAP.


To monitor activity on your compositions, reference the table in your Composition Content folder, located under My Content. You will find high-level information, such as Composer Name and Est. Earnings. Click into a Composition Title to find granular information regarding your composition, such as Ownership & Policies, Earnings, Conflicts, and Claims. 


Please note, if you do have an audio file for a recording of your composition go back to the “Add Content” section, select “Audio” and only assert the rights for which you own and/or control (e.g., don’t assert sound recording rights if you do not own and/or control sound recording rights).



Never miss a chance to collect all deserved revenue, worldwide. Through this workflow, easily enter your metadata to be sent to PROs and CMOs to start collecting. 


Head over to My Content.

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