Would you like to have more creative control over the way your YouTube channel looks? Take charge of your YouTube page and learn how to give it a banner to provide a personal and unique touch! We are constantly being asked for our recommendations on how to create a YouTube banner. You have the option to upload your own personal Avatar along with original banner images you have created. Upload these images within your lease inside the Vydia Dashboard, which we then send to Vevo for them to process in order to use them as a part of your channel.

Q: How to Create a YouTube Banner?

A: There are a few specifics to nail down before achieving your professional looking banner. It must meet the certian requirements in order for it to appear on various platforms such as Android, iOS, TV, tablet or desktop, because artwork will look differently on each device. For the most professional outcome for your banner you will want to use Photoshop. To begin setting up your banner you want to keep these specs in mind.

  • Total Size: 2560 X 1440 px, this part of the image will only be visible on a TV screen.
  • Safe Area: 1546 X 423 px centered on the image, this is the part of the banner that will display any text such as the artist name and album artwork or logo.  This is also the part of the banner that will always be seen on any form of media.
  • Tablet User Area: 1855 X 423 px centered, this part of the image will only be visible on a tablet.
  • Desktop Max Area: 2560 X 423, this part of the image will only be visible on a desktop.

YouTube Banner How to, Vydia

Key things to remember to include when choosing to create a YouTube banner is make sure to use the imagery for your banner are your name and a picture of yourself.  Just as equally important to include is the album or single’s artwork along with the name. The turnaround time for posting the banner is typically about one week due to the high amount of  orders.  Unfortunately, Vevo receives about 300 channel requests every week and do each update manually. This includes updates to your avatar, description, banner, Vevo and YouTube Vevo channel related requests. In the meantime, we will be following up with Vevo periodically to make sure your request is processed as soon as possible.   

If this doesn’t feel like a task you are ready to tackle, don’t worry, for $49, our expert design team can create you a custom banner for your YouTube and Vevo channels. Read more about how Vydia can create a banner for you.

Start creating your professional Vevo and YouTube Vevo channels now!

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