We’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with Audible Magic, who provides platforms with a fully integrated solution for music management including licensing, fulfillment, rights administration, and content identification. Included in our distribution partnership are ten new destinations, including JPay, GTL, Keefe and Turnkey, which provide music to incarcerated individuals. This partnership allows us to connect the Vydia community, some of whom have experienced firsthand the impact of incarceration, with a community that benefits greatly from music as a positive outlet and connection to the outside.



After you create a release through the Vydia platform, you can choose any of the Audible Magic delivery destinations listed. These destinations are grouped, meaning your content will be delivered to all ten Audible Magic destinations (listed below). This is part of our partnership with Audible Magic, and you may not manually select from the ten destinations which ones you would like to deliver to.


Learn more about the Audible Magic destinations:

  • JPay is a communication and media service that provides digital media content to the incarcerated such as music, games, movies and news via proprietary tablets and kiosks. 
  • GTL provides music services in jails and prisons, giving them the accessibility to create playlists and discover new artists from over twelve million tracks. 
  • Music Choice is an on demand and programmed music streaming service with video, available via integrated TV interface & connected devices.
  • Keefe provides free FM radio and access to music purchase or subscription plans in jails and prisons.
  • Turnkey is a purchase download music service for jails.
  • UFC Ultimate Sound provides non-interactive DMCA radio, podcasts, video content and other UFC fighter centric content.
  • Broadtime is a supplier of music to shops who sell digital & physical music.
  • Riff is a non-interactive music streaming app with a social component. When listening, users are considered “live”. They can have a profile page, a feed, and followers, and curate their own non-interactive playlists that are saved to their profile. Other users can view and shuffle songs based on that playlist.
  • Vybn is a DMCA radio compliant app in the US that allows you to fine tune the vibe of music you are in the mood to listen to. It enables the user to range their listening experience from popular songs all the way to obscure B-sides.
  • Monytize is a philanthropic based social media invite only platform that offers movies, video games, and music. 


*Please note, JPay and GTL require clean content in order for a successful delivery.


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