Facebook is the world’s leading social platform, reaching over 60% of internet users- that’s 2.6 billion monthly active visitors. Yes, you heard that correctly- billion. That fact alone is reason enough to publish and monetize Facebook music videos.

Over the summer, Facebook announced the official launch of Facebook Music Videos. The new feature allows artists and independent outlets to distribute their music videos on ‘Facebook Watch’, giving creators the opportunity to monetize their content. This is a powerful promotional tool, so let’s not count it out- Facebook is the real deal.



To be eligible to add your music videos on Facebook Watch, the below steps must be taken:

  1. Click here to visit your artist index 
  2. Click the Edit button on the right-hand side of each Creator 
  3. Once your Creator edit page is open, scroll down to the Facebook text box
  4. In the text box, add or edit your official Facebook Artist Page URL (Your Facebook page must be categorized under ‘musician’, ‘band’, or ‘artist’)
  5. Once complete, click Update in the lower right corner



Through the Vydia platform, eligible users will upload their music videos, add metadata, and assert rights ownership. They will then be able to select Facebook as a video destination.


How to activate Music Video Publishing for your Facebook Page:

1Once your video has been delivered to Facebook by Vydia, you’ll receive the following communication from Facebook prompting you to opt in:

  • An email sent to the email address associated with your Facebook account
  • A pop-up banner on the artist’s Page
  • A profile notification

2Click on any of the prompts to be directed to the Music Videos section of the artist’s Page Settings

  • You can also navigate to this section directly by following the directions in step 3

3Once you land on the Music Videos section of the artist’s Page Settings, click the blue button titled Add Music Videos to My Page to opt in

4After clicking the Add Music Videos to My Page button, make sure you check the box next to the Automatically share all new music videos to your Page’s timeline setting


To increase your page’s security settings, please follow the below steps:

  1. Turn on 2-factor authentication to keep the account secure
  2. Turn on location services to confirm what country the posts are coming from


*Please note: Page Admins will receive a notification from Facebook prompting them to complete these security steps. If Page Admins do not complete the steps within 21 days of receiving the notification, they will lose posting privileges on the page until the authentication process is completed.




Wait, there’s more! From a Facebook user perspective under ‘Facebook Watch’, themed playlists will also be available. This allows fans to search music videos by genre or current mood, adding for a more personalized experience. Connecting your music to your fans on an emotional level has never been easier.



Vydia now has the opportunity to share our creators’ music videos with a universal audience through the world’s largest social network. There are 1.73 billion users visiting Facebook on a daily basis, skyrocketing past other platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which are in the millions.

Users will come across up and coming artists with the click of a button, driving more traffic to a creator’s page. This means gaining a greater following and more exposure to their content. Distribute and monetize your music videos on Facebook through Vydia’s platform and watch your success rise.



Facebook has proved by their numbers how paramount the versatile platform really is and it’s only going to grow from here. Facebook Music Videos will take over the market & allow users to discover emerging artists that will soon take over the world.


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