Introducing Pre-Save and Smart Links right inside your Vydia account! With just a click, easily share links with fans so they can pre-save and stream your new releases. Marketing your music before it goes live will attract a wider audience and create excitement around your anticipated project. Leverage Pre-Save and Smart Links to boost fan engagement, drive awareness about your new project, and increase streams. 



After logging into your Vydia Dashboard, click ContentAudio Content and click into an album. This will bring you to the Info tab for that album, where you will see the album artwork, metadata, and delivery destinations. In the Shareable Links section, you will find Smart Links. Click on the link to the right and it will automatically copy the link to your clipboard. Paste the URL into your browser, click enter, and you will see a Pre-Save or Smart Link landing page for your release. Share these links across your socials and in email blasts to promote your upcoming project to fans!



Have fans effortlessly pre-save your upcoming album so they can be the first to listen when it goes live. If you created a release and it has been processed by our Content Operations team, shareable pre-save links for Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer will be available for you to share. The pre-save function allows fans to pre-save the tracks to their library so they have it to stream when it becomes available.

Once your album is live, the Pre-Save link automatically converts to a Smart Link. You can share this Smart Link with fans so they can stream your project on their platform of choice.

If you want to edit the URL slug to reflect your project, click the edit icon to the right of Share Links, and personalize as you’d like. Customized URLs can help increase name recognition and artist credibility.



Want to share a private streaming link with certain tastemakers before release? Under Share Links, simply click Copy Link, and share accordingly. Private Streaming links can be helpful to share before release so press outlets, DSP editors, and radio hosts can consider the project for promotional opportunities.



Eliminate third party services and extra time added to your day to generate Smart Links for your release. Vydia provides these key tools right inside the platform to help you save time and resources.  Leverage Pre-Save and Smart Links so fans have a swift listening experience, and the anticipation leading up to your upcoming project will be second to none.


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