No one makes it alone — it takes a village. When you get to the top as an artist, you want to make sure your team gets their share in your collective success. But it can be difficult to manage accounting and payment technology, especially when you’re collecting revenue from several platforms every month. That’s why we made the Royalty Center – to make sure it’s as easy as possible for you to share your success with the people who helped you get there.

And once you’ve really made it, it’s important to give back to the community and ensure others have the same opportunity for their talent to be discovered. Now, it’s easier than ever to do that with Vydia’s new Charitable Contributions feature.

But first, what is the Royalty Center and how does it work?



Vydia’s Royalty Center allows you to easily share percentages of your royalties with collaborators. Rather than using a third party platform to account multiple revenue streams to several people in a manual process each month, our all-in-one platform allows you to set it and forget it while our technology automatically takes care of the rest. With a few simple clicks, you can route your royalties to your team from several different platforms automatically.

Royalty Center Computer Screen


1.) Go to your Royalty Center
2.) Select the My Payees tab
3.) Click the Assign Royalties button
4.) Add a Payee
5.) Select the content for which you’d like to assign royalties
6.) Specify the percentage of Music Video or Sound Recording royalties you’d like to assign for each media selected
7.) Click Continue
8.) Confirm that the information is correct and sign the Royalty Center Authorization
9.) Click Confirm and Invite
10.) Once your Payee accepts the invite to collect, their percentage of royalties will be automatically routed to their account



Since day one, Vydia’s company culture has stressed the importance of giving back to our community. Our team is actively involved in community service projects and regularly contributes our time and efforts to those in need. We wanted to take that a step further, so following a company-wide discussion on Blackout Tuesday, we decided to leverage our technology to empower our users to do the same.

In addition to inviting collaborators, with our latest update to the Royalty Center, you can now also choose a verified Vydia Community Organization where you’d like to donate a percentage of your royalties.

We are proud to have selected the Newark All Stars Project and The Future Perfect Project as our first two verified non-profit organizations. The Vydia team works closely with these organizations because we believe in investing in the personal and professional development of underrepresented communities.


1.) When choosing a Payee inside your Royalty Center, Select Donate to a Vydia Community Organization
2.) Select the organization for which you would like to donate royalties to
3.) Select the Content for which you’d like to assign royalties
4.) Specify and assign the percentage of Music Video or Sound Recording royalties you’d like to donate for each media selected
5.) Click Continue
6.) Confirm that the information is correct and sign the Royalty Center Authorization
7.) Click Confirm and Invite
8.) The percentage of royalties you specified will be automatically routed to the designated organization


It’s that easy to change lives. Investing in the community and youth gives deserving people the opportunity to reach their goals, and you have the chance to help make that happen. See what our users are saying about our new feature in this Forbes article and stay tuned – Vydia will be adding more non-profit organizations in the future.


Try it out for yourself and tell us what you think!

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