If you didn’t see it yet, do yourself a favor and watch last night’s performance at the MTV Movie Awards with Fall Out Boy and rap sensation, Fetty Wap. This New Jersey native is on the fast track to success. Within six months, Fetty Wap has racked up 40 million views on YouTube with his single ‘Trap Queen‘, currently No. six on Billboard’s Hot 100 and has sold over 500k singles. It is amazing to say Fetty Wap is Indie artist turned MTV Movie Awards star all in just six months.

‘Trap Queen’ came to Vydia for distribution to MTV Jams just about six months ago, was picked up right away and currently is in heavy rotation receiving 50+ spins a week. Back in February, Kayne West made Fetty Wap a special guest at the Roc City Classic in New York City, though he was an unfamiliar face, his catchy tune had the crowd as well as Beyonce and Jay-Z dancing and singing Hey, What’s Up, Hello!

Since then, the single has been climbing the Billboard Hot 100 week after week. ‘Trap Queen’ was created last March as a freestyle and uploaded to SoundCloud before he rereleased a radio version. Now the single is being remixed and covered all over and even Rihanna has mentioned it was her favorite song. We can only hope for a RiRi and Fetty Wap collaboration in the future.

Fetty Wap, Hot 100, Vydia.comFetty Wap sits at No.6 this week on Billboard’s Hot 100

Currently, Wap is signed with 300 Entertainment with a much anticipated self-titled mix tape to be released sometime this year. If the last six months is any indication on the future of his rap career, it’s safe to say that Fetty Wap is here to stay.

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